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If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried case after case, and even no case at all, for your iPhone. Finding a case that is sleek, yet provides the protection anyone needs–especially moms with kids!–is a task that is not fun to undergo. Most cases that provide the protection you need to keep your iPhone safe are bulky, clunky and not exactly the most stylish of cases.

I like simple cases where my iPhone still feels like an iPhone and doesn’t take up extra space. I bought a white iPhone, but most cases covered up the color! This is why I was especially pleased to try out PureGear’s DualTek case. The case is lightweight, white, and provides the protection I need for all the drops, bumps and tiny fingers that happen to my phone.

The extreme shock case of the DualTek without the bulk of many other top cases on the market is the main appeal of the DualTek case to me.

Here are the fabulous features:

When bump, smack, strike, hit, whack, knock, bang unexpectedly come into play, DualTek® provides the best in extreme shock protection.

  • Shock Absorbing Corner Impact Protection controls shock by isolating vibration
  • Durable Layered Materials combine strength, toughness and flex
  • Slim & Sleek Design provides stylish impact protection without the added bulk
  • Ergonomic Grip designed for a secure yet comfortable grip of your phone
  • 360˚ Protection with added screen shield to protect against dings and scratches

The DualTek comes in your choice of six colors to fit anyone’s style.
PureGear provides a variety of cases and more for all of your electronic devices. Check out their website or follow them on Facebook for the latest and greatest features from PureGear!

I received the DualTek case to review, but all opinions are my own.