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Ever get stuck when you’re trying to think of a good side dish? Fruit salad is always good, but I get tired of the same old melon and berries combo from the grocery store.

This recipe will break you out of that fruit salad rut! It is super simple to prepare and always a crowd pleaser. I particularly like to serve it with Mexican food alongside Spanish rice and some guacamole!


  • One pineapple
  • Rum
  • Brown sugar


  1. Cut up pineapple into one-inch chunks.
  2. Place in bowl and drizzle a couple tablespoons of rum over pineapple. Add a few tablespoons of brown sugar and stir (NOTE: Add as much or little rum/brown sugar as you would like. Measurements vary on your own taste and size of pineapple).
  3. Sit in refrigerator for a couple hours to let rum and sugar soak in.