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It’s that time of year. The dreaded sick season. It happens to all of us, especially us moms who deal with school or daycare!

Battling a cold or flu can be terribly hard to do for little ones, and equally hard for mamas with kids and hubbys to take care of. My parents always taught me to drink it away, or “flush it.” I am a believer in flushing away the sick. Here are some simple things you can drink to help flush out the ill.


Don’t stop drinking water. Keep up with the daily recommended amount, even adding a little more. Want to know more about the benefits of water? Check out this great post!


Orange juice will give you a sweet alternative to water, while giving you a little boost of vitamin C.


While I don’t normally drink soda, if my stomach is upset, ginger ale calms it down. Ginger is a natural nausea cure.


With honey and lemon! Yum. The honey will help to coat a raw, sore throat. If you want to REALLY boost it up, make a “Hot Toddy,” adding a little whiskey to it. I kid you not, this will open your chest and sinuses RIGHT up (for 21 and over, obviously). If you have an upset stomach, peppermint or ginger tea will help calm it down.

And a little something that may not help, but sure FEELS good—a make-at-home version of Starbucks’s Hot Apple Spice.

Heat up apple juice and a teaspoon or so (to taste, really) of cinnamon to a simmer (I just heat in the microwave). Once hot, top with Whipped cream, sprinkle with cinnamon and drizzle with a little caramel! Yummy!

*My tips are not to be confused as medical advice. If you are sick, you should be seen by a doctor to help you with feeling better.