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Playing “dress up” is serious business to most little girls. A trunk filled with tutus, princess gowns and fairy wings is a must in any playroom! Pretending to be whatever their hearts’ desire can fill hours of play time and is great exercise for the imagination.

Although my daughter is still a little young for a good game of dress up, that doesn’t stop me from popping a tutu on her every once in a while for a mini photo shoot!

When we got the tutu, fairy wings and wand from Just Pretend Kids, Isla couldn’t wait to get her hands on that wand! With no sharp points or loose small items she could swallow, I had no problem handing it over.

The little tutu and wings are beyond adorable, and quite durable as well. Isla will be using these for years to come for dress up, Halloween and anything else her imagination wants (I’m guessing she’ll be insisting on wearing the tutu on trips to Target within a year or two). I’ve found other tutus and wings can be flimsy and fall apart after only a few wears. These are really well made and can definitely stand up to some enthusiastic play!

And after reading the Just Pretend Kids motto, I feel even better about the products:

“Wyla Inc. (the parent company of JustPretend® and has been designing, producing and supplying tulle, lace and novelty fabrics for over forty years. We take special care to make the finest quality fabrics at affordable prices. Because we have experience with our own children and grandchildren we know how important it is to produce fabrics that are comfortable and safe to wear while at the same time being beautiful and magical.

“We believe that Pretending is a human way of practicing for real life.

“Several years ago one of our core fabric chain retailers asked us to produce tutus and costumes for them using the fabrics that we supplied to the market. Those tutus and costumes were the first stages of what has become

“Our Just Pretend® tutus, wands, wings, accessories and children costumes are made with these same values for quality, comfort and value in mind. When you hold our costumes you will feel how soft they are. We use the finest tulle with just the right finish to make our tutus. Our wands are made to minimize danger from sharp points or dangerous materials. We do not sell any items that we would not want our own children or grandchildren to wear or play with.”

My favorite part about these items is their versatility. The wings will make a perfect addition to a Halloween costume someday and the tutu will be used for dress-up, dancing and more. They can be mixed and matched with other dress-up clothes and due to their sizing, will last for years before they are outgrown.

And this little outfit is just one of many tutus Just Pretend Kids has to offer. Check out their site for other colors and styles as well as a variety of Halloween costumes and dress-up clothes.

The costumes can even be found in elusive infant sizes if you’re expecting a baby this summer and want him to join in the Halloween fun! This pumpkin bunting for baby is adorable!
And I’m thinking next year, my daughter might have to wear this little black cat!

But these panda and giraffe costumes might be my very favorite—they are so different than anything else I’ve seen in stores.

Check out everything Just Pretend Kids has to offers and keep an eye out for their great sales, too!