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I love babies. There’s not much that can compare to the time in your child’s life when they’re completely dependent on you, are nothing but snuggles and that smell…it’s intoxicating.

Baby Charlie

If my body and my sanity could handle it, I would keep having babies until I couldn’t anymore. But I can’t. My body doesn’t rock pregnancy the way I would like, so after three pregnancies I am officially done having babies. I am soaking in every coo, snuggle and sniff I can get of my newest little guy, and I am finding myself needing to hold onto this infant stage as long as I possibly can.

I have always washed all my baby clothes and accessories in Dreft Detergent. There’s something amazing about the scent of it that compliments the baby’s natural smell. I have even started washing my 18 month old’s clothes in it to savor that baby smell just a little longer with him too.


Thankfully, I can let that baby smell linger just a little longer by using the new Dreft Blissfuls: In-Wash Scent Booster! These tiny little beads of pure Dreft scent get thrown into your load of laundry and dissolve as your clothing gets clean. I use it alongside Dreft detergent for my baby laundry, and also in my older son’s loads every once in a while.

Babies only stay new and little for so long, but these Dreft Blissfuls: In-Wash Scent Boosters keep the baby fresh scent available whenever you want it.

If you’ve never used a scent booster, let me tell you a little about them:

Scent boosters create a longer lasting fresh scent in your laundry just by tossing a capful into your washing machine. They are small little bead shapes that dissolve in the water during a normal wash cycle. The Dreft Blissfuls: In-Wash Scent Booster is designed to specifically complement Dreft detergent, but can be used on any load of laundry!

Now I can not only enjoy the baby fresh scent in my baby’s clothing, but I also throw a capful of Dreft Blissfuls: In-Wash Scent Booster into my older sons’ loads of laundry to capture that wonderful smell and savor these moments while my kids are still young. Don’t judge me if I’m still washing laundry with Dreft when my boys are in high school and I’m longing for that baby smell…