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I am here today with a carseat that will make you say “WHY hasn’t this been done before?!”

The Doona Infant Car Seat was introduced into the US market this year and is turning heads with it’s truly unique feature: a built in stroller.

The first time I saw the Doona Car Seat my jaw dropped and I said out loud “This is a game changer in the car seat world” and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one to see if it’s as amazing as it seems. Well, here I am to tell you all about my experience with the Doona!

Red Doona Infant Car Seat

First off, it is JUST as cool as it seems. No joke, the design is pretty flawless and it has been a lifesaver to this mom of three. It’s safety features meet all US regulations and FAA Regulations as well, and it’s base is simple to install with either the LATCH system or your car’s seat belt. Doona Car Seat Front

The seat latches into the base with the wheels folded into the seat, and when you remove the seat from the base, the wheels unfold with a simple lever on the back of the seat.Doona Folding Lever

Doona Car Seat Folded

I gave our Doona the ultimate test right out the gate: my 8 month old Charlie and I took it on a flight and major trip to Las Vegas with a lot of walking, driving and in and out of vehicles. I REALLY put it to the test! I was given a hard time by the Flight Attendants when I pushed the stroller onto the plane, but I assured them that it is approved for use on airplanes and showed them (to their amazement) that is folded right up and would fit in the seat. Now, it’s a rather large seat so the person in front of the car seat would not be able to recline at all but we had no issues with that on our flights. Huge positives with this seat come with travel in my opinion. I travel with my kids alone a lot and this seat seriously changed my travel for the better. Rather than struggling to fold or unfold a stroller, I was able to get the baby right onto the plane without any transfer at all. I usually stress trying to make it work or have to rely on the help of a wonderful stranger-not with the Doona!

We were in Las Vegas for the 2015 ABC Expo which is a million square foot baby and kids product expo with all the latest and greatest in everything baby/kids/maternity. The folks from Doona were there and I had the chance to meet them and chat with them about my experiences with the car seat and see what they had up their sleeves for the next year! Want to know what they’ve got? NEW COLORS! The Doona Infant Car Seat is now available in seven gorgeous colors!! So exciting (but I just adore my “Love” red stroller!). Doona Closeup of Material

The fabrics are amazing quality and have a sort of linen look to them! So Trendy! The Doona seat was for sure a show darling, and people stopped me constantly around the expo to ask what I thought of it as I pushed Charlie around. They would ask “Is it really as simple and amazing as it seems?” And I would show them! I must have demonstrated it a hundred times over the course of four days and it never got old seeing people in awe.

I am seriously in love with the Doona Infant Car Seat. As a mom of three the convenience factor is high on my list of priorities and this car seat is all about the convenience! Not only that, it pushes smoothly and fluidly. It’s turns are simple and can be done one handed, and while the handle extends for use as a stroller I sometimes leave it in the lower position and my 6 year old pushes his brother! It’s that easy to push.

Nothing is perfect though, and here are some of the things that I noticed about the car seat you may want to know:

There is no built in storage. Because of the way this stroller needs to fold to attach to the base in your car, there’s no place for storage. They do have a removable basket or bags that can be used, but there’s none built in. Doona Storage
The brake system was hard to use for a bit, but after a few weeks it was no problem at all to use.
It’s lower than your average stroller seat. Again, design factors in here and the legs with the wheels can only be so long to fit into the car when folded. It never felt like a negative to me but I did have some people comment that they thought it was rather low. The handle extends and at 5’9″ I felt that it’s a great height!
It’s pretty heavy and bulky. With all that equipment on board, it’s a heavy seat. I have only carried it once or twice though thanks to the built in stroller so it’s not been an issue-more something to know!

Doona Specifications

I highly recommend this seat to any parent who is contemplating the purchase, but especially to moms with multiple children. I can imagine the convenience is a plus as a mom of one, but it has been a game changer for me with two other kids in tow! And even better yet?! My trunk no longer houses the stroller-I have room for groceries too!!

We love the Doona Infant Car Seat so much that we are going to be giving one away to one of our readers!! Just in time for Christmas, you can get the ultimate gift on every mom’s list! We are giving away one Doona Infant Car Seat in the Love (Red) Color, which includes the LATCH base, the removable storage, a seat protector and the infant inserts. Enter below, Giveaway ends December 15th, 2015!

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