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Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last year, you’ve heard of Pinterest, and you probably have a slight (or in my case problematic) addiction to it. But for those of you who haven’t heard of it, let me give you the 411. is amazing. That’s it.

No, no, no … I kid. Kind of. Pinterest is an amazing way to save all of those recipes, ideas, crafts and advice you find all over the internet and keep it all in one place, accessible anywhere at any time! You have “pin boards” with different themes and you “pin” articles and pictures you love onto them! Oh, has my “favorites” bar thanked me for that! And so has my wandering mom brain! I can be at the grocery store and access that recipe I’ve been dying to try, but forgot to put the ingredients on my grocery list. LOVE it.

But I have a bone to pick. Not with Pinterest, but with those who aren’t using it properly. It could be you and you may have no idea! I have a few things to share with all of you pinners out there in order to help keep Pinterest from driving me cray-zay!

You know when you’ve pinned something that looks amazing, then you go to check out how to make it and it turns out it’s just a google image?! UGH! What a frustration, right?! There are ways to change that, but it takes (GASP) a little extra effort on your part.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not pin blindly.

First Rule:
Click on the link before you re-pin!

Seriously. I know that caramel brownie stuffed into a chocolate chip cookie LOOKS amazing, but don’t just re-pin it. Click on the picture to make sure that the pin is, indeed that delicious tasty treat.  If it’s not, then either don’t re-pin, OR if you want to really be helpful to yourself and to the countles numbers of people who may want to re-pin YOUR pin, then find it! If you are taken to a site that has the link to the site with the recipe, then go to the correct page and pin from there. If that doesn’t work, try to search the name of the recipe and see if you can find it (or something like it) and pin that.

Second Rule:
DO NOT pin from a website’s homepage!

I know you’re reading that blog and decide to pin on a whim, but take the time to click into the link for the article you want to pin. When you pin something, you are pinning that URL so if you pin when you are looking at the homepage, then you are going to be stuck searching for that specific article later on! Things don’t stay on the homepage, folks. New content moves things back. Take the extra second it takes to click onto the link, let the article open, and THEN pin from there. It will make life easier for you and for the people who re-pin from yours!

Third Rule:
Give credit to the correct source

When you read an article with a SUPER cute craft (or recipe or whatever) that you just have to pin and it links back to an original source (as in, there’s a link that takes you to the actual recipe or the tutorial on another website), then go to the original source and pin it from there. We websites like credit where credit is due, so send people to the right place. This also pertains to re-pins! If you click on a pin you’d like to re-pin and it links to another site for the original, then pin it from the original source.

Fourth Rule:
DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT pin from a search engine’s image search.

The only reason this would be ok is if you make sure to write in the description that it’s just an image, like if you are using inspiration for home decor. Pin the picture, but make sure to specify that it is JUST an image. That lets people know it’s not a link to a DIY tutorial. Let’s not get hopes up that people can make their own golden toilets, ok? (I may or may not have pinned a golden toilet)

So let’s all try to be nice to our fellow pinners and not be menaces to the pinning community, shall we?