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Chronicling your baby’s milestones is something we all love to do. Remembering their first night home, first bath and first word are things you would THINK you could remember off hand, but as time goes on it gets harder and harder to remember when it happened.

Making note of these big moments in your child’s life is easy enough, but some of us aren’t necessarily as creative as others to make these notes keepsake worthy. That’s why we’ve got a wonderful printable series of baby’s firsts that you can download and print to fill out as these big moments happen! It’s modern and fun with gender neutral colors, so it can be used for your baby girl or boy!

First Night Home
Free Printable Baby Book First Night Home

That first night at home is special. You’ve waited a long time to meet your baby, and some parents have waited a long time to take them home from the hospital! Take a picture of that beautiful moment and paste it onto the First Night Home page!

Birth AnnouncementFree Printable Baby Book Birth Announcement

This is a big one. Baby is announced to your friends and family through a gorgeous birth announcement…just make sure you keep one to add onto this page! Whether you use Tiny Prints to go modern and hip or traditional, your birth announcement will look adorable on here!

First SmileFree Printable Baby Book First Smile

You never want to forget that first real smile. The moment you know baby is acknowledging you is so wonderful and special! Take a photo of their precious little smile and add it to this page along with the date and their age to keep that captured moment forever.

We have printables for all of your most memorable firsts with baby to make into your own baby book!

Baby's Firsts FREE Printables!

Simply print, fill out, add photos and mementos like the birth announcement, hospital bracelets, newspaper from baby’s birth date, and even thank you cards! We went with these personalized cards and I kept one to put into our baby book:

Personalized Thank You Cards

Keep them safe by placing them into page protectors and put them into a fun binder or scrapbook to immortalize the most precious moments and memories!

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