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Here’s an easy, 10-minute craft for limitless hours of entertainment for infants and toddlers alike! In three simple steps, you’ll have a fabulous fabric pull toy, which is educational on so many levels. Some special things I do to my fabric pull to give it that extra POW!:

  • Bold, black-and-white pattern—optimal for infants’ visual stimulation
  • Reflective material for baby and toddler to see themselves
  • Materials with a variety of textures for texture stimulation
  • Compact style makes it an awesome go-to toy for the car or airplane


  • Empty cylinder wipes container, washed with the tabs taken out
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Reflective scrapbook paper
  • A variety of scrap materials
  • Thick, rainbow ribbon (optional)
  • Black and white material

Step 1

Cut the black and white material to the height and length of the cylinder container. Use glue to adhere the material to the container.

Step 2

Cut the rainbow ribbon and reflective paper. Glue the reflective paper to the bottom of the container. Use the rainbow material around the base of the container.

Step 3

Tie various textured scrap materials together. In mine below, there is cotton, fleece, netting, satin and silky types of fabric.

Voila! You now have a simple, yet fun and intellectually stimulating toy for your child! How easy was that?