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DIY Dancer Tutu OrnamentThis DIY tutorial is perfect to make a beautiful personalized ornament for a dancer in your life. Simple enough that my teenage daughter recently made 20 of these on her own, this DIY Dancer Tutu Ornament will brighten up your dancers eyes and their Christmas Tree.


  • Tulle; at least three colors in the short spools
  • Bulbs; We used shatterproof bulbs since these were mostly given to other teenagers, but glass bulbs also work
  • Stretch magic string
  • Sharpie markers
  • Non-drip super glue


  1. Cut the tulle
    Cut the tulle about 6″ long. Once you cut one piece of tulle, you will be able to easily cut the other tulle, using the piece before it to measure it.
  2. Tie the tulle to the string
    We simply tied a simple knot of tulle to the stretch magic. If you want a cleaner look, you can do a slip knot like in our Tutu Tutorial. Since we were making so many, we found a simple knot to work and look adorable! We created a pattern with the colors of tulle and tied away. It takes about 30 knots of tulle to create Tutu in this design.
  3. Sharpie time!
    Write the person’s name on one side of the ornament and the year on the other side of the ornament. Make sure to keep the name and year close to the top of the ornament so the Tutu doesn’t end up covering up the personalization of the DIY Tutu Ornament!
  4. Glue the Tutu
    We glued the Tutu in a small circle right to the bottom of the ornament in a ring. If you don’t want to personalize the ornament, you can tie more knots of tulle and glue the Tutu around the center of the ornament!
    Glued on

I hope your dancer enjoys their DIY Tutu Ornament as much as the dancers my daughter made them for enjoyed them!