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I travel a lot with my kids and I’m always looking for ways to keep them entertained while en route. Whether we travel by car or plane or boat, my kids get bored pretty quick and we like to have several options available to them.

Lately, my kids (like so many others out there) have been all about emojis. They love the Emoji Movie and love to send emojis on text apps so when I was thinking of fun things I could make for road trips we’ve got coming up this summer I knew we needed some emojis included.

I’ve made felt boards before for our kids rooms and they love playing with them so I thought it would be fun to create a travel felt board using emojis that the kids could create any emoji face they wanted with just a few simple pieces of felt.

I started with a basic clipboard, our printable templatesIMG_7039felt squares in black, red, pink, white, blue and yellow, scissors, modpodge and a paint brush.IMG_7040Our template is color coded, so cut each of the template pieces out IMG_7044 IMG_7048and trace them onto the color that matches the shape. IMG_7052IMG_7050Spread a layer of ModPodge all over the front of the clip board,IMG_7058then take the yellow felt circle and lay it over the wet ModPodge.IMG_7060Let your clip board dry.

Put the rest of your felt pieces into a ziplock bag IMG_7056and clip it under the clip on your board for storage!IMG_7062To play with the board, the kids take the felt pieces out and create the emoji of their choice one at a timeEmoji Felt Board FacesMy kids only complaint? No poop emoji!Print Emoji Templates

Have fun with your new travel activity!