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Have you seen the Netflix original Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday? We love the fun story of Pee-Wee going out of his comfort zone to see the country. He had never left his hometown and decided to live a little and head to New York City to celebrate his new friend Joe Manganiello (the actor from True Blood, Magic Mike and Sofia Vergara’s husband!).pee-wees-big-holidayPee-Wee Herman’s first holiday ever is filled with adventure, crime, friendship and all the fun you would expect from the Pee-Wee we all love and grew up with! Since my family loves to re-create our favorite characters for Halloween, we decided to give our littlest guy the most adorably dapper mean. Can you even handle that?! Once I had the costume together and got him dressed I was so pleased with the outcome. It’s no question who this little guy is supposed to be. Luckily, it’s super simple to put together! Here’s how we did it: toddler-peewee-herman-costumeWe found the perfect suit that comes with your choice of colored bow tie. The grey suit with the red tie is perfectly Pee-Wee, right?! Order it a size down or so…it’s on the larger size! Pair that with some white shoes-we chose Converse Chuck Taylors and a blue canvas lunchbox to act as his suitcase. simplyrealmoms-toddler-peewee-herman-costumeThe suit pants are super loose, but Pee-Wee’s are fitted so I took them in a little. Feel free to leave them as they are though! They look great either way.
To take the pants in from loose fitting to skinny pants, choose a pair of pants that fit the way you want them to fit. semi-homemade-pee-wee-herman-costumeLay the fitted pants over the suit pants, lining them up on the outer edge. Pin along the line of the inner edge to mark where you want to take them in, all the way from one side to the other. turning-wide-leg-pants-into-skinny-legSew down the line of pins, through the crotch and over to the other leg. semi-homemade-peeweeherman-costumeI took an old plain white tee shirt and cut a mini pocket square and hand sewed it into place. simplyrealmoms-toddler-peewee-costume And there you have it! Simple and yet your little one will turn heads on Halloween!toddler-costume-pee-wees-big-holiday

“You got a choice: Stick around here or live a little” pee-wee-herman-and-mini-pee-wee-costume

Let your little one take the ultimate adventure while they trick or treat by taking the little red car like Pee Wee does! toddler-costume-from-peewees-big-holiday


Grey Suit with Red Bow Tie
Toddler Chuck Taylors
Blue Lunchbox
Red RC Ride On Car

Watch Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday today on Netflix!peeweepinterest_pinit

Celebrating Family Mini Milestones 2

*Netflix provided compensation in order to facilitate costume design, however all opinions are my own