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“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…”

Toddler Brothers Back to the Future Costumes


I love a good costume, and now that I have kids I think I love them even more! Last year, we had two sons and were right in the thick of a Back to the Future marathon when my older son looked at me and said “That’s what I want to be for Halloween! Marty Mc Fly!”


Essentially, Marty wears street clothes that can be found in stores to put your own Marty McFly costume together pretty easily. We had more trouble with Doc Brown, but after the reactions of our friends and family and complete strangers on the street, I’d say it was worth it and we nailed it.

Toddler Brothers Back to the Future Costume

For Marty Mc Fly

We literally had the entire Marty costume in my son’s closet already. As in, did not need to buy a darn thing. But, not everyone keeps an orange life preserver (hehe) in their home so I went searching for the perfect toddler Marty McFly look for you so you can re-create the look!

Marty McFly Costume Look1. Orange Vest: Old Navy  2. Burgundy Shirt:H&M  3. Plaid Shirt: Wrangler  4. Jean Shirt: Carters  5. Jean Pants: H&M  6. Shoes:  H&M

For Doc Brown

We had a harder time with our Doc Brown Costume. I really wanted a white jumpsuit to recreate the scene in the mall parking lot, but a toddler sized all white painters romper was nowhere to be found, neither was there a pattern and although I can sew, I’m not good enough to create my own pattern. So I went with the labcoat look. I couldn’t find a tiny labcoat (the one below is bigger kid sized) so I needed to make one. I used an old sheer white curtain and followed THIS tutorial and it turned out great for me! I painted on the biohazard symbol using THIS method and was proud of my work…it looked adorable! We needed crazy white hair and again…try to find anything so small, I came up empty handed. Instead I took a basic white cotton baby beanie & sewed on a square of faux white animal fur from the fabric store! It’s a seriously rough job, but I sewed it across the front, a little stitch on the top, folded it over and sewed it across the back. Paired it with some minion goggles and he looked the part for sure! Back to the Fututre Doc Brown Costume

1. Pants: Old Navy  2. Goggles: Amazon  3. Hawaiian Shirt: Crazy 8  4. Lab Coat: Party City

This sibling costume was a hit with everyone who saw it, and I hope you and your kids enjoy dressing up like Doc & Marty as much as we all enjoyed it!

Back to the future costumes for toddlers

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