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I’m a mom (obviously).  So I basically subsist on coffee.  No one should probably even talk to me before I’ve had any in the morning.  Hence, we have a lot of coffee cans in our house, and I don’t like to throw away anything that could potentially be useful.  There are a ton of things these can be recycled as – toy containers, craft organizers, crayon/pencil tins, etc.

Since we bought our new house, I’ve been wanting to get more into gardening.  The problem with this is that I hate gardening.  I don’t mind getting dirty, but I despise bugs of all kinds.  I’m also not good at keeping anything alive if it can’t vocalize its needs to me in some way.  So I decided I would start with an herb garden on my porch.  However, I didn’t want to use planter boxes.  Queue these guys:

The first thing I did (after consuming all of their life-sustaining contents) was drill a small hole in the back of each one, and then a few in the bottoms for drainage.  You could probably also use a hammer and a nail if you don’t have a drill or don’t feel like messing with it. herb_garden2 herb_garden3

To get rid of any sharp edges, I used these little stripping pads.  They’re an alternative to steel wire (sans the steel splinters), and they seemed to work pretty good.  Regular ol’ sandpaper would work as well.  I roughed up the bottoms and outside walls of each can too, so that the paint would stick better.  herb_garden4

We have a bit of a spray paint problem at our house, so we had all of these except the orange.  But they would still look super cute all one color, or if you like the silver, you don’t have to paint them at all!  Spray in short bursts so you don’t get any drips.  And of course the extra fancy pizza box drying station is essential.  herb_garden5

I got extra fancy with hanging these, also.  Zip ties!  I used black so they would blend in with our railing, and needed two because they were too short.  I’ll eventually cut off the excess, but you hardly notice them when you’re not this close:herb_garden6


I couldn’t find everything I wanted already grown, so I had to plant a few of them as seeds.  If any fantastic gardeners want to send some good vibes their way to ensure that my black thumb doesn’t cause their demise, that would be awesome.herb_garden9herb_garden10

If you end up doing this, we would love to see photos with your spin on them! Happy planting!