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Let me preface this article by saying that I am one of the most NON-crafty people in the world. I have a friend who is helping me make blankets for my children, but other than that, I’ve never really done any type of sewing. I completed this entire costume in one evening. So if I can make this costume, anyone can! It’s adorable, easy, not expensive and who doesn’t love a homemade costume!?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Felt-I used three different colors, dark brown, tan and maroon. The dark brown and tan were a little bit furry and the maroon was normal felt.
  • Brown hooded sweatshirt and pants
  • Fabric glue
  • Ribbon and two bells (optional)
  • Needle and thread
  • Straight pins

Step 1:

Cut the felt into many strips. I made mine various lengths and widths, ranging from about 6″-10″ in length and about .5″-1″ in width.

Step 2:

Loop the strips around the edge of the hood, pinning them as you go. After pinning the strips, here comes the only sewing you will have to do for the entire costume. Sew each loop on with one or two stitches on each loop, connecting them to the sweatshirt.

Step 3:

Lay a large piece of felt out on top of the sweatshirt front to gauge the size of a circle to make the lion’s chest. Cut a circle and use fabric paint to glue it onto the sweatshirt. In my case, the sweatshirt is a zipper one, so I had to cut the circle down the middle for the zipper.

Step 4:

Cut a long, thin piece of felt for the tail. At the end of the tail, I added some of a different color felt on the bottom, as well as a bow with bells at the end of it. I attached the tail at the back of the sweatshirt. That way, I could continue to use the brown pants for my son throughout fall and winter.

Step 5:

Ears-ears are difficult. I basically cut the felt and glued it the best I could to look like ears. I made the ears with the dark felt and tan in the middle.

And there you have it! An absolutely adorable, easy to make, lion costume.