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There is nothing better than homemade ornaments—I love looking at all of the ornaments from my childhood, and I want to make as many homemade ornaments as possible with my children to preserve precious memories. I saw a woman selling baby footprint ornaments on Etsy a while back and thought, why not just make our own ornaments from our kids’ actual foot or hand prints?

These ornaments are very easy to make and they look adorable when finished. Since my daughter is still an infant, I did her footprints and I did handprints for my son’s ornaments. Be sure to make extra sets for gifts for grandparents or even an extra set to give to your children to keep when they are all grown. Happy decorating!

Materials Needed:

  • Round shatter proof ornament balls (to preserve the life of them through the years).
  • glitter (color of your choice)
  • clear Elmer’s glue
  • ribbon
  • Gloss acrylic spray (this holds the glitter in and can be found in any craft store. Be sure you get a gloss finish to make the ornament shine!)

Just have fun with these Holiday Footprint Ornaments, they don’t have to be perfect. If your child is wiggly and you can’t get the perfect hand or footprint, no problem. Mine are far from perfect and they still turned out great. We had a great time doing the project and now I will always remember what their little hands and feet looked like when they were little!


Step 1. Make sure each ornament is clear of any dirt and has a clean surface.

Step 2. Take a paint brush to coat your child’s hand or footprint with glue. It’s best to do this one at a time. Place foot or hand on the ornament to make a print. When finished with each print, wipe the foot or hand clean, and then do the next one.

Step 3. After you have your prints, quickly coat the prints with glitter. Shake off any excess glitter back into the glitter container for reuse. (Be sure to do this over a sink or set of newspapers so cleaning up the glitter is easy).

Step 4. Let prints dry for 10 minutes and then spray each one with the gloss acrylic spray. Let dry for an hour. It is best to find a cup with a small opening or even a candlestick to set these on to dry so they don’t roll around when drying.

Step 5. Use a silver or gold sharpie pen to write your child’s name and the year and attach a ribbon to the ornament for easy hanging.