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Decorating your pumpkins can be so simple and fun. I “glammed” our pumpkins this year with just a few accessories I had around the house and they turned out great!

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All you need for this pretty pumpkin is some Gold Spray Paint. I really like KRYLON Metallic Gold Paint for this. It gives it a great shine! Put down a few pieces of newspaper and spray away. The great thing about spray paint is it dries in minutes, so you can move it where ever you like after. You can purchase the spray paint at your local crafts store. Always check for coupons, most craft stores always have a coupon available. You can even tie a bow around the top with some ribbon make it even more marvelous!

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Another fun pumpkin! For this look I put some circle stickers I found in my daughters craft box evenly around the pumpkin and spray painted over it entirely. Once the pumpkin drys which just takes a few minutes, you can peel off the stickers showing the orange underneath. I really liked this one, it is my favorite! You can also use tape, shapes, stickers and get really crafty for some unique designs. You can also purchase the spray paint at your local craft store as well. I went with the KRYLON Colormaster Black. I really like the shiny look!

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