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DIY banners are so much fun to make and very inexpensive. You can use them for any occasion and they look fabulous! I recently made this banner as prop for my Easter photos I will be taking of children. After I am finished with it I will donate it to a preschool to use as decor for their Easter Celebration. You will only need a few things to create the banners and their are so many fun things you can do to decorate them.

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I purchased a packet of Pre cut banner pieces at hobby lobby for $4.99 and used a 40% coupon when I purchased it, making this a steal. For the longest time I would hand cut my own and it was expensive and time consuming. These are just great!

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First thing you want to do is layout your banner. You can see in this picture how large pre cut banner pieces really are.

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After laying out the banner I started paining. I like to use the Folk Art Paint from Hobby Lobby, they were on sale for only .40 each, what a deal! Always print a coupon when you go to hobby lobby, they are available online.

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I was going to hand draw the letters on the banner but then found wooden letters and thought that would be easier since I do not have the best penmesnship. These were $.99 each at Michaels craft store.

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Make sure you put something underneath when they are drying do you do not stain your table. I used an old box and cut it into pieces for this.

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Once the letters were dry I attached them to the banner using a hot glue gun. I also found some old party strings and attached them as well to add color.  Before I finished I glued jute rope to the back to make the strings longer so I can attach it easier. This is a simple and budget friendly way to make a backdrop, photo prop or party banner for any occasion.