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Making ornaments with your children can become a family tradition everyone will love. Here are some fun, fabulous and easy ornaments you can make together from craft sticks!


  • Craft sticks
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Various ways to accessorize the ornaments such as sequins, glitter or pipe cleaners.

Triangle Tree

Simply paint three craft sticks green and glue them together in a triangle shape. Garnish your tree with sequins, glitter and stars!

Holy Family

You will have to break craft sticks for this project. If the edges are too rough, you can try to sand them down with an emery board. Paint three full-sized, two half-sized and two quarter-sized craft sticks brown to create the frame of the barn and manger. Then, take three various-sized pieces to create Mary, Jesus and Joseph in the manager.

Craft Stick Star

Creating a craft stick star is so easy! You only need to glue together five craft sticks and there you have it! You can paint the sticks, leave them neutral-colored or decorate them with any variety of accessories.

Christmas Tree

For this ornament, you’ll need to paint craft sticks of a variety of sizes green to create the tree. I like the look of not having the sticks go from largest to smallest, rather have various sizes to make it look more like a “real” tree. Decorate your Christmas Tree with sequins, glitter and more!

Are there any other craft-stick Christmas ornaments that you have made?