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My family and I were so excited to attend the Disneyland Holiday Bloggers event last week and we had the opportunity to stay at the Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. Disney set up the accommodations for my family and covered the expenses. Our family travels to Disneyland several times a year, honestly at least 3-4 if not more. We have never had the opportunity to stay at the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, so this was a very special treat for us.

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When arriving at the hotel, the staff is there to greet you and assist with your baggage, park your car and see you settled inside. Once we walked inside the hotel lobby, it all made sense. This is why the Grand Californian Hotel is so amazing. The entire hotel lobby is decorated with Christmas cheer and you cannot miss the Larger than life Christmas tree right in the center.

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Our room was great! We had requested bunk beds for the kids and a Queen for ourselves. The bunk beds also come with an extra trundle bed underneath, we did not utilize this but if you have three children, this would really great to have. There are many things I loved about our hotel room.

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The layout was very nice because it gave us room in between our bed and the children’s bunk beds to play. The children could also view their TV from the bunk bed as well which was awesome. They both are Frozen Fanatics so being able to watch this during our stay was very exciting for them and really just added to the Disney Experience. There is also a DVD player as well, though we didn’t bring any movies I wish we would have. I have never had  DVD player in any of our rooms before, so this is definitely a plus.

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I am a huge fan of small details, whether it be soap bottles, paper towels or just small décor in a room. There were lots of little parts of the room that had “Disney” written all over them.

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During our 3 night stay we slowly noticed more and more little details that we did not notice when we first arrived. Mickey Mouse shapes into the carpet.

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Mickey Mouse shapes on the bathroom wallpaper.

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Even the Housekeeping Door Signs are adorable!

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 The room had his and her sinks and the vanity was large enough for us to have our own space when getting ready in the morning.

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Coffee Makers in the room are always a plus!

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We always utilize our refrigerator when traveling with the kids, so it is really nice to see when hotels offer these without requesting them.

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Our Queen bed was very comfortable! Every time we left our room and came back the housekeeping re made our bed and made sure everything was tidy. At first we thought we were going crazy but then we noticed little chocolates are left on in the room every time they do this. So nice!

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The lobby at the Californian Grand is very spacious and cozy. A pianist comes throughout the day to play music for the guests. It was very nice and relaxing to sit back and enjoy this during our stay. My children entertained themselves in the child area which had tiny sized chairs and rockers, as well as a TV for the children to watch movies on.

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There is a huge fireplace sectioned off in an area in the lobby for guests to enjoy. The weather was cold so this was really a luxury to have.

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The location of the Hotel is superb and it simply does not get any better. The Californian Grand puts you right in Downtown Disney with its own private entrance into Disney’s California Adventure. As guests, you also get access to Magic Hour, which means you get into the park an hour earlier than general admission guests.

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When you walk through the hotel  you will find several restaurant options for the Family and  Snack Shop.

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The White Water Snack Shop was a place we visited often during our stay. It is perfect if you would like a small snack on the go or fountain drink. I visited the shop several times to purchase a quick snack on our way to the park and back to the hotel. They even  have toasters, silverware & iphone chargers. Yes, iphone chargers! You can also purchase items such as coffee, bread and salt & pepper from a little grocery portion of the store.

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Our first morning at the hotel we enjoyed a hearty home styled breakfast buffet at Storytellers Café. This is a character breakfast with Chip n Dale and it was great. The restaurant is located right outside the hotel on your walk to the park or downtown Disney, it is very close.

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The buffet selection was great and possibly had the best tasting French toast I have ever enjoyed. Lots of menu options for every person in the family, even picky eaters. The servers were very nice and always made sure our drinks were full at all times.

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My children both really enjoyed the characters very much. We normally go to Goofy’s Kitchen, another breakfast buffet with the characters which is also great.

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While staying at the Californian Grand we go to witness the NEW Gingerbread house that was built by a team of 25 artists, engineers, and bakers that are busy creating this edible wonder. Measuring in at 7.5 feet tall and 12 feet wide, the baking process alone takes 1,400 hours.

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My kids were both laughing over the Giant Mickey Mouse Cookie on the Gingerbread House.

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We were all very sad to say goodbye to Disneyland & The Grand Californian Hotel. Our family visits Disneyland several times a year and this was by far the most memorable yet. If your family is looking for a Hotel during your next Disneyland trip, I would recommend Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa in a heartbeat, it really does not get any better than this.

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