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It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Disneyland. The streets smell like peppermint, every portion of Disneyland is decorated to the fullest and the glittering lights are every where. Christmas lasts for nearly 60 days days at Disneyland giving its guests plenty of time to visit and enjoy the Holiday spirit. It’s hard to find a place in the park that is not decorated for the Holidays.

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December is my most favorite time to visit Disneyland & California Adventure Park. Disneyland makes sure that your visit is always a memorable one for the entire family. From mid November until January 6th you can enjoy all of the Holiday loveliness the parks have to offer including Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle, freshly fallen snow, The Believe in Holiday Magic Fireworks, the Christmas parade and even the new World of Color-Winter Dreams.

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For our most recent trip we stayed at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel for a Holiday Blogger Event we were invited to. I was able to capture so many breathtaking moments during our 3 day stay at the parks.

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 As you walk into the park you are greeted by all the characters dressed up in Christmas Cheer, even Mickey and Minnie too!

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The characters come out quite frequently to make sure all the children have a chance to take photos with them.

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When walking toward main street you can’t miss the magnificent 60 ft Christmas tree decorated with giant Christmas lights, bulbs and wreaths. A perfect photo opportunity during your trip for the entire family.


Make sure you get a spot along the street for “A Christmas Fantasy Parade”. This is a great opportunity for the children to see all of the characters and even Santa. The Parade starts right next to” It’s a Small World” if you would like to get seats at the very beginning .It ends at the end of Main street. We received reserved seating for the parade during our visit, but it does get very crowded fast so make sure to set time aside for this.

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Disney was celebrating its 20th anniversary this year by welcoming Anna and Elsa from “Frozen” into the Christmas Fantasy parade.

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It looks like Donald Duck has been nice!

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Dancing reindeer, characters in costumes, Wooden Soldiers marching down Main Street. A parade you don’t want to miss.

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parade2 (1 of 1)Disneyland is gets festive in Frontierland! You do not want to miss the Jingle Jangle Jamboree over at Big Thunder Ranch! Our family spent several hours in this little gem hidden in the back of the park in Frontierland. I’m not so sure many people knew this was at the park because there were not many people at all in the area the entire time we stayed.

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The children can do crafts and decorate Christmas Cookie at the Jamboree. A box is $6 and has everything you need to decorate your cookies from sprinkles, frosting and m&m’s. Children can choose from a Snowman or a Christmas Tree cookie.

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The best thing about Jingle Jangle Jamboree is the Characters are constantly walking around and even come up to you. No wait times or lines to see them.

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The characters are always so much fun and bring the children an immense amount of joy always making our trips to Disneyland memorable.

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We loved the live show and music going on while decorating our cookies.

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The  ‘Western Style’ show is filled with carols, dancing and comedy for the entire family.

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Spend time in the family craft area where kids can color holiday cards and send seasonal wishes to members of the military and hang on the tree.

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Mrs. Claus is nearby and happy to pose for holiday photos and chat with you while decorating your cards.

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There are several places throughout the parks you can visit Santa and one is at the Jingle Jangle Jamboree.

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The only place I ever want to take my children to see Santa Clause is at Disneyland. Their Santa clause is the most realistic Santa’s we have ever seen and they are quite jolly as well.

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There are also lots of games for the children to play too, such as the “Magic” Feed Fling. Where children can toss a bag of “magical” feed into the reindeer’s’ food sack to fuel them up for their holiday flight.

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All of the food at Disneyland is nothing short of amazing but one of our favorites is The French Market. We always make sure to stop here during our visit for freshly baked Mickey Beignets and coffee.

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There is also a a 3-piece band that performs in the French Market open-air seating area on stage throughout the day. At The French Market, The Royal Street Bachelors which are quite good.

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The Hunted Mansion has a scary Christmas make over with Jack Skellington. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite rides that brings both holidays together for a fantastic time.

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Watch as the Jungle Cruise gets a Jingle Makeover! Disneyland does an awesome job of adding holiday cheer to the animals throughout the cruise. A comedic Skippers full of funny Christmas jokes for the kids also guides you through the Jingle Cruise.

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I just love how they incorporated the decorations in with the animals.

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The Silly Monkeys were probably my two year old’s favorite on the Jingle Cruise.

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Disneyland’s Toon Town takes Christmas decorating to a larger level. Throughout the town you will see giant light bulbs and characters dressed up.

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We really enjoy walking through the park and being able to view the castle from all directions, it is so beautiful.

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Every Holiday Disney has the best accessories you can purchase throughout the park from popcorn buckets, to light up necklaces and hats. Every year we pick up one of the holiday popcorn buckets because they are so neat. We now have a huge collection as they change every year with new designs.

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During Christmas time at Disneyland “It’s a Small World” transforms into a winter wonderland with over 300,000 lights on the outside. It is quite spectacular to see in the evening time. Even the inside of the ride has decorations throughout it and some of the dolls are dressed up as well.

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Once the castle lights up you can walk through underneath and most of the rides do not have any wait times because everyone is on Main Street. One of our favorite rides still to this day is the good old fashion Carousel. At night it lights up and is so much fun.


Disney California Adventure Park

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The California Adventure park celebrates the Holidays California style. Walking around the park you will enjoy performances by the Bell Ringers on Buena Vista Street and all of the lovely Christmas decorations.

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Santa also brought his elf’s! The kids both had the best time sitting with santa and talking with the elf’s.

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The Red Car News Boys put on quite a performance as they drive down Buena Vista St.

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Home of Cars Land our very favorite! Enjoy all of the cars dressed up in holiday atTIRE and Christmas lights.

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We love how the Characters costumes match the rides they are near. Minnie looks like a pilot!

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Both of the Children hit the trail and won their Wilderness Explorer Badges with Russell’s Help at the Redwood Creek Challenge.

Disney ¡Viva Navidad! Street Party

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Disney ¡Viva Navidad! takes the streets to stage at Paradise Gardens in Disney California Adventure  and is a daily celebration inspired by the warmth and heartwarming observance of Latino culture and holiday customs, with happy music and a whole lot of dancing.

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World of Colors new Winter Dreams features all of the classic Disney favorites and is hosted by Olaf, the famous snowman from Frozen.The spectacular water show features several “Frozen” songs in the show, including “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” and “Love is an Open Door.” You will also get to view classic winter scenes from such Disney classics as “Bambi,” “Toy Story” and of course, “Frozen.” This was our favorite World of Color yet, a must see when you visit the park. You can get in line for a fast past for World of Color as soon as the park opens, it is worth it!

Holiday Dessert Reception at the Sequoia Ballroom in the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

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Being apart of the 2014 Hoiliday Bloggers event this year was a spectacular experience. At the end of our day we were treated to a “Frozen Style” party with all the other blogger families and were able to enjoy holiday treats from across the park. You can buy your popcorn in an adorable souvenir Mickey snowman bucket at popcorn stand in the parks.

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When visiting Disneyland during the holiday season expect to see the most amazing deserts.

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How amazing are these Frozen inspired treats!

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A hot chocolate styled bar was so exciting for the children. It had everything you need to make the perfect hot cocoa.

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The dance floor was covered in snowflakes.

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Face painting for the children was very exciting. They could choose any design they would like and the artists were fantastic!

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And the highlight at the desert reception was meeting Ana & Elsa from the most popular movie Frozen.

The Holidays are the definitely our family’s most joyous time of the year, so it only makes sense to spend it at the happiest place on earth. I can’t imagine not spending this time of the year with some of our favorite pals, Goofy, Donald, Mickey and Minnie. Disneyland parks are by far the most beautiful at Christmas-time. Disney never skips a beat when it comes to everything being just perfect. I grew up going to Disneyland at least once a year and I hold the same tradition for my children. If you have not been to Disneyland during the holidays it is a must! And if you are looking for a hotel, check out Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and make your visit a magical one.

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I am an annual pass holder at Disneyland but did receive complementary tickets to facilitate my review as well as reserved seating for shows.  All opinions are my own.