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Custom Personalized Boy DollsAs a mom of three boys, I am used to having tons of your typical “boy” type toys in the house. We have more Hot Wheels then I can count, Monster Trucks in every corner, superheroes and action figures galore. For Christmas this year though, I wanted to get my two older boys some boy dolls. They are both caring and nurturing and love the baby dolls we do have in the house, but they wanted boy dolls that looked like boys. The dolls out in the stores for girls come in every size, shape, color and have modern and cool clothing. Boys? I was lucky to find one boy baby doll and it is pretty cheesy looking. It wasn’t until my older son saw an American Girl doll and asked where the boy ones were like that that I realized he wanted a boy doll that was like him…wore clothes like him, looked like him, and for mom’s sake didn’t cost hundreds of dollars.

I found a few Etsy shops who custom make boy dolls that are adorable (listed at the end of the post), but I love to sew and eventually decided to make my own.Boy Doll Brothers

I used the pattern from Make It & Love It as a guide but tweaked her pattern a little to make our dolls look the way my boys wanted them to look. I had each boy pick out their favorite shirt to re-create for their doll and we went from there.

I hit up the fabric store for off white cotton, pink, brown and blue thread for eyes and lips, fabrics that resembled the outfits the boys chose and black, brown and tan fleece for hair and shoes.

Personalized Custom DIY BoyDollsNow, in the Make it & Love It pattern, the pants are separate and can be pulled on but I wanted nothing to do with having any extra parts to lose. I made the legs using our pants materials and arms with the shirt material on them. I still made the arms out of the white cotton so that the hands would stick out at the end of the shirt. To do this, when you sew the arms you will need to put the shirt arms wrong side together with the flesh colored cotton on top and bottom and sew it that way before turning it right side out.DIY Custom Boy DollsFor my blonde son’s shirt, we wanted to re-create a pullover I made for him. It says “The Struggle Is Real” and boy does it ever fit his dramatic personality, so his doll look alike needed one too. I created it by using an old grey tshirt I had to cut out the torso and then used black fabric for the arms. Once the front of the doll was sewn together, I added the words using THIS method and let it dry before sewing on the back and stuffing it.Custom boy doll graphic tee

I chose to make the pants come up onto the torso a little, but these would look adorable with just the legs in the pants material…that is a much simpler way to do it. If you want to make yours look like ours, just cut the torso out of both the pants and the shirt material. I folded the shirt under at the length I wanted it to lay and then placed the pants behind it and sewed the shirt onto the pants (both right side up) with a 1/4 seam allowance. The folded up bottom of the shirt will now look like it’s hemmed!DIY Custom Boy DollMy oldest son is kind of known for his hair. He has a combed over mohawk and I hope he never wants to change it because it’s just so darn dapper. I tried my darndest to re-create his hair on his doll by cutting a small wavy brown piece of fleece and when I sewed the hair onto the forehead I also sewed a few curly lines in the hair to look like his dreamy little curl.BoyDoll HairHis only request was that his doll had wings like his favorite shoes. He has a basic pair of black Nike Skateboard shoes that we added gold Schwings to and he wears them everywhere. I made the doll’s shoes black and cut a piece of golden felt into a similar shape for each side and hand sewed them on. He thinks that is the best part of his doll. Too fun! DIY Boy Doll Matching ShoesMy boys take their boy dolls everywhere. They are truly cherished and loved by both of my little guys and I am so proud of the work I put in and the resulting appreciation from my sons. Custom Boy Doll Tutorial

This was a fairly average sewing project that I tweaked, making it a little more advanced. If you follow Make It & Love It’s pattern (but make the legs out of the pant material to avoid sewing separate pants) it is a very simple project that should take you an afternoon or two.

In a world where boy dolls all look so ridiculous, I was so thankful for this pattern! If you aren’t able to sew yourself, check out the Etsy shops below for a custom made doll for your son!

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