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If you are in search of an extremely refreshing drink that is perfect for parties, BBQs, Pool Days or even just a summer afternoon, we have got it for you!

Cucumber Strawberry Infused Water is the perfect summer drink, mixing the refreshing flavor of cucumber and the sweetness of strawberry and it’s a hit for all ages!Cucumber Strawberry WaterSimply slice cucumbers and cut up strawberries in the amount you prefer. For this almost 3 gallon dispenser, I use 2-2.5 lbs of strawberries and 3 cucumbers. You can peel the cucumbers if you would like, but I like the way they look with the peel on.

Place the cucumbers and strawberries into the container you choose and cover with water. This drink becomes better tasting over time, so give it at least 3-4 hours of time to marinate before serving. Overnight will give you a VERY tasty drink!

Enjoy with friends and family or keep it all to yourself, but make a lot because it goes fast!