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My home is filled with tech forward, computer-obsessed guys who have a thirst for learning and understanding the machines we all use everyday. My husband builds computers and processors, he has our whole home wired together so that every computer, tv and appliance can work together through an app!

My three boys? They all want to be just like dad. My oldest is already helping to control computer functions, is fascinated watching my husband build computers and play video games and my younger two are now showing basic interest in technology as well.

Imagine my excitement when I heard about a robot that teaches children three and up the basics of coding! Coding is such a valuable tool, and to be able to introduce my kids to it at such an early age through play is making me want to rush out and get Cubetto to put under the Christmas tree!cubetto-teaches-basic-coding-to-kidsCubetto is the most adorable award winning wooden robot that is manipulated through basic codingI mean…Isn’t Cubetto so cute?! That little wooden face is tugging at my heart…but that’s not why I love him.Teach your children basic coding with CubettoCubetto is a great way to introduce coding without a screen-it uses different colored blocks that your child combines to create programs. Each block is a different action for Cubetto to do! Place the blocks on the board to tell Cubetto where to go. Hit the blue button and Cubetto follows your program. Once they’ve mastered basic programs, they can expand out to using a world map or storybook (included) to challenge their new coding abilities! My boys are going to be ecstatic to open this as a gift this holiday season! It will quench their thirst for learning and their appetite for tech without yet another screen.Cubetto is an adorable Coding RobotIf your tech savvy kid would love to have a toy that jump starts them into the world of programming, check out Cubetto!

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