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Crane Fireplace Heater

My new baby’s room is all decorated and ready for him. I spent months thinking about how I wanted to design my second son’s room, and carefully made and chose all the design elements to make his room everything I dreamed of. And then we hit a bit of a speed bump.

You see, the little guy’s future nursery was freezing cold. All. The. Time. No matter how we closed vents trying to re-direct the heat it was always chilly in his room (I hear there’s one room in every house that has temperature problems).

We needed a solution. I looked at all kinds of space heaters but honestly, after spending so much time designing this funky modern nursery I really didn’t want to put an eyesore in there. Don’t get me wrong-my son’s comfort and safety are WAY more important than design, but I knew there had to be a stylish way to heat up his cozy nursery.


And then I found it. Crane, the maker of our absolute favorite humidifiers also makes electric heaters! These babies aren’t your run of the mill space heaters though. I actually want to look at them! We chose the White Electric Fireplace and I was ecstatic to open it up and get it going as soon as it arrived!


Right away, my older son was trying to figure out this mini fireplace! We turned it on and sat in front of it in a dark room enjoying the warm glow of our new heater. I had not a worry at all about my boy getting hurt though! The people at Crane know the improtance of safety, and this electric fireplace is cool to the touch, blowing heated air out of a vent at the bottom. So leaving it in the baby’s nursery to warm the room up is safe with the kids running around!

Check it out in action:

It has three settings: high heat, low heat and no heat (just the glow of the “fire) which make heating (or adding a little ambience to a room) any space possible!

For my son’s nursery, we leave it on the high setting just before bedtime and then when he goes in for bed we switch it over to low. I also use it to warm up his room while I give him a bath so that when we come in after bath to get him dressed he never gets cold!

The no heat setting is fun for the guest room part of his nursery. We have to save on space, so our nursery is also the guest room. This fireplace is a fun addition for guests looking for a little cozy feel in the room without the heat of a fireplace! When it is turned to no heat, you simply get a soft glow of embers and “flames”.

Baby loves his Fireplace

If you’re worried about noise, this heater makes very little noise. There is a low white noise sound, but it actually is very soothing for the baby!

The heater also has a handle on the back for easy moving around the house…like when I’m writing an article and want my feet warmed-I can carry it easily over to my desk and back when I’m finished!

My only complaint about this heater is that it doesn’t have a “timer” or thermostat setting. There are so many out there that do, but this one doesn’t and we do have to turn it off before we go to bed.

I love this modern fun looking heater, and it’s a great addition to our nursery to keep baby warm. Check out all of Crane’s space heaters, and connect with them:


*I received this product for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.