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Do-it-yourself costumes are not just about saving money but also showcasing quality. When you make your child’s costume yourself, you have control over the materials, the movable or small parts, and the other factors integral to a child’s safety. For baby costumes in particular, it is even more important to make something yourself or to use a reputable shop for child or baby costumes.

Halloween is a great reminder for the importance of child safety, but not just when it comes to candy and treats or watching out for cars on the roads. Parents need to be careful to choose costumes that are appropriate for their child’s age. Parents also need to be careful of face and body paints, glitters and other makeup material that can be harmful if ingested. Play it safe this year, and either purchase or make a costume that you know will not cause any harm. As you’re looking around for ideas, check out some of these imaginative ones to help you brainstorm.

Owls are a Hoot

These days, parents see owls everywhere as baby patterns on blankets, wallpaper in bedrooms and characters in kids’ books and TV shows. A do-it-yourself owl costume is one of the best and easiest choices this year. Inhabitots offers a quick guide on piecing together an adorable baby hooter for Halloween. Follow their guide and all you’ll need is:

  • a crocheted owl hat
  • a brown long sleeve ‘onesie’ and brown tights
  • dark brown, light brown and hot pink felt
  • heavy duty Velcro strips and Stitch Witchery

All of the materials for this costume are inexpensive and baby-safe, so that you can rest assured that your little one won’t choke or hurt him or herself on any of the costume’s parts.

Parents Play Too

When dressing up the baby it can be fun to have a parent play along too. Some parent costumes can be a little too complex, though, especially when your first concern is running after a little one. Instead of going over the top, take a look at what Daryl Sans of Inhabitots did with his daughter. Using just a trash can lid, a green blanket, felt and lights he pieced together an Android costume. Then he simply used a cardboard box with paint to make himself into a charger. With this innovative idea the child steals the show and the parent still gets to play a role without looking like they’re the trick or treater.

How to Use Household Supplies

Some of the best baby costumes are ones that take a simple everyday household supply and use it in a whole new way. Not only is this more affordable but it will add an extra creative flare, which is the whole point of making costumes yourself. Take a look at this toilet paper roll concept at Babble. This parent made great use of the leftovers from Mischief Night by turning the rolls into a great period costume!

Baby Sushi

With many baby costumes, it’s a great idea to make a play on a theme that is rather un-baby, particularly since at this age the costume is more for the fun of the parent than the baby. The sushi costume at Babble showcases how even a simple dinner idea can come off as clever. This is a fun little joke for the parents and will make other people stop to think for a minute.


Regardless of the theme or idea you wish to try out, it is important to add your own flare to whatever costume you choose to make or buy. The next time you plan on dressing up the baby keep these ideas in mind, have a little fun and don’t be afraid to try out something new.


Justin Greig A self-proclaimed “21st century hippie,” Justin studied Journalism at Berkeley and freelances for many environmental publications. He has a special interest in conservation, and he and his wife recently added solar panels to their home.