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Don’t wait for a superhero…be one

That’s what we should be telling our kids.

Capes for Kids2


Recently, Simply Real Moms was asked to team up with FamilyFun Magazine and some amazing charities- Craft Hope and Enchanted Makeovers to host a “Capes for Kids” party, making super hero capes for kids in need. We brought together a group of moms (and a dad) with their kiddos and we set out to make 20 capes to send into CraftHope to be given to kids in shelters. Why capes? Enchanted Makeovers founder, Terry Grahl, explains that it’s not just because they lend themselves to imaginative play, but also because they remind kids, don’t wait for a superhero…be one. Terry remembers, “One mother wrote a note that said, ‘My daughter is sleeping in her cape.’ The girl didn’t want to take it off. Think about it, the empowerment of all these children wearing these capes! It’s so beautiful.”



We set up an assembly line of moms and cranked out not just the 20 we had planned…but 23 capes for this cause!


Now, these moms admittedly were not all crafty, but we had a goal and a simple tutorial to make these (NO SEW) capes so nothing could stop us. As we were making progress, one mom made the comment that these were so easy to make, yet look adorable.

We finished our 23 capes in just over 2 hours between 5 of us working. The kids all loved them and wanted to show them off:

Capes for Kids

This guy was in cape heaven, obviously!

Mason Running


IMG_3720 IMG_3721

Our 23 capes are being sent to kids who really need it. When my son asked why he didn’t get a cape to keep, I explained that we made these together for kids who really need something fun. I loved including the kids in our cape making escapades so that they could see something positive come out of some fun, and how easy it can be to help others!
We’re asking our readers to help with Enchanted Makeovers’ Capes for Kids project by crafting homemade superhero capes for children living in shelters.

Make a cape with your family, make a bunch with your Girl Scout troop, or throw a cape party and make dozens. You’ll be doing something important — giving hope to kids in crisis — while being creative and having fun. “With a handmade item,” Terry says,”all this positive energy and love is built into it. And people feel that. You can’t get that off a shelf.”

How you can help!

1.     Make a cape, or several, following the directions found here!
2.    Take a photo of your finished cape. Creative posing is encouraged!
3.    Upload your photo to Family Fun’s Facebook page by going HERE
4.    Mail your capes to:
Enchanted Makeovers/FamilyFun
12663 Hipp Street
Taylor, MI 48180

Craft Hope is a love-based organization with the simple idea that small handmade projects can make a big difference.

Enchanted Makeovers is a nonprofit organization with chapters in all 50 states that turns drab shelters for women and children into happy, comfortable places.


Thank you to Family Fun Magazine for supplying us with the materials needed to make these capes!