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Cozy Up With The Ollie Swaddle

I am a true believer in the power of swaddling a baby. A good (and correct) swaddle will help a baby sleep longer, feel comforted and help baby self soothe. Can you imagine, they are tightly snug inside mom’s tummy, and then when they come out into the world, they are free to move about and it feels foreign and scary to them to be so free.

While I prefer to swaddle with a plain large blanket, it’s not always easy to correctly swaddle your baby, especially for first time parents. Babies need to be swaddled tight. Very tight for a comforting pressure. It works wonders and is so worth doing!

If you are a first time parent or finding it hard to correctly swaddle your baby, then let me introduce you to the Ollie Swaddle!Ollie Swaddle

This blanket was created thanks to a little baby who was in foster care and was labeled “Failure to Thrive”.  The foster mom who took him in couldn’t find a swaddle blanket that would keep his legs covered, apply the right amount of pressure and hold him correctly-all things that will help a baby thrive! She designed and created the Ollie Swaddle (named after baby Oliver) to meet his needs, and after using it he began to thrive.

I am a cheerleader for this blanket. Compared to other swaddles, it is by far the easiest to use and can get a very tight and strong hold on baby. I’m so impressed!

Ollie Closures

The ease of putting the Ollie Swaddle on is something I love so much! A lot of parents tell me that they gave up on swaddling their baby because they just plain couldn’t figure out how, whether it was with a simple blanket or even a specially shaped blanket made to make it easier with velcro. The Ollie Swaddle is a simple rectangle shape with three large velcro strips on one side, and 4 velcro rounds on the other. You simply pull one side over the baby, then pull the other over and secure the velcro! You can really pull it tight too…trust me, I tested it to the max! I think that with a smaller baby you may not be able to get it quite as tight (Charlie was 0ver 8.5 pounds at birth), but it’s working wonderfully for us!

Ollie Swaddle Features

The Ollie Swaddle is very long in length, so it allows room for your little one to grow and use for a long time (I like to swaddle my babies up to 6 months if I can!) and when baby starts to want movement of their arms, you can absolutely swaddle under their arms to keep swaddling longer!

The stretchy fabric breathes well and doesn’t get too hot for baby, and it also doesn’t get over stretched! Wash it in the included laundry bag and it will tighten right back up for your next use.

Ollie Diaper Changes

The simple elastic closure at the bottom allows for easy diaper changes, even when baby is sleeping! No need to get them out of the swaddle, simply slide the elastic off the swaddle and open it up for a quick change.

My only complaint about the Ollie Swaddle is that the velcro is VERY loud. I’ve used several swaddling blankets and many of them use a quiet velcro to keep from waking baby up. This one is pretty loud, but thankfully baby Charlie is a very heavy sleeper! Something to keep in mind if your baby is a lighter sleeper though!

Thanks to the Ollie Swaddle, I was able to get this darling picture of Charlie with his oldest brother:


I had attempted this picture several times and my oldest son would wake Charlie up by touching him or kissing him. All swaddled up in his Ollie, Charlie slept right through getting touched, kissed, moved and even tickled by his brother and I was able to capture the moment!

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