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It’s not very often that I am excited about a Halloween costume. Normally my kids tell me what they want to be and I either buy it or make it depending on the availability. However, recently I stumbled across what may be the coolest costume idea I have ever seen- LED Stick Figures!

Yep, you and your family can now go door to door as a light up stick figure. Told you it was cool!

One of the best places to order your costume is from Glowy Zoey. They make these costumes for adults, kids, and toddlers. They even have a cool attachment that turns your child into a stick figure Mickey!

Currently the costumes are sold out, however they have been added stock during the evening, so just keep a look out if you are interested. I have found that there are some Amazon sellers, who have similar costumes. So if you are in a rush, check out these stores here:


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