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Confessions of a Mom, Part Two: I’m not Perfect

All I want for my children is the best. That’s not much to ask, right? The problem it wanting the best for them includes wanting the best mom for them. However, I’ve come to realize that I am not perfect—far from it. I try to be the best mom in the world, but I admit it, I’m not!

  • I don’t give my toddler son a bath every night. Many times, not even every other night.
  • I forget to look at my daughter’s weekly school folder almost every week.
  • I bribe my children with ice cream to leave fun places such as the playground or zoo.
  • I never check her homework unless she asks for help.
  • We have leftovers for dinner a few times a week.
  • I turned my son forward facing in his carseat at 19 months old.
  • I don’t make my daughter practice the violin every day.
  • My car is a mess.
  • I put my son to bed at 7pm, even though he often doesn’t fall asleep until 7:30pm, because I need that quiet time.
  • My daughter has packed her own lunch for school for the last two years. She’s 11 now.
  • I take naps every weekend with my son, even though there is so much else that needs to be done.
  • Sometimes we have ice cream before dinner.
  • Sometimes we have ice cream for dinner.
  • I’ve taken my son to the babysitter’s house when I was off work for most of the day.
  • I’ve eaten my daughter’s candy.
  • I have to drink Coke every day.
  • I wish I could be a stay-at-home mom, or even a work-at-home mom, so I could be with my children more.

The list goes on and on. I have thought a lot about perfection and parenthood, though. And I might not be the perfect parent to an outsider. But I am the perfect imperfect parent for my children.

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