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“Has your child or a child you know done something commendable?”

Children thrive on acknowledgement of good deeds and accomplishments. Letting them know they did well and boosting their confidence helps them to strive to do great things.

I am a firm believer in reward charts. We used one for my son Miles when he was potty training, and he loved the pride his father and I would show when we would add another sticker for yet another day well done! He wanted to earn his stickers, and he loved to count them. Unfortunately for him, all of our family lives far away and he doesn’t get the pleasure of sharing his accomplishments first hand with Grandma & Grandpa, or his Aunts & Uncles.

We are living in a digital world now, and lucky for us, we no longer need posterboard and stickers to show our pride! Commendable Kids has taken the idea of a reward chart to new levels! This wonderful website allows parents, teachers, and anyone interested in encouraging children, to register a child and award them badges for their hard work, milestones, skill developments and other accomplishments.

Anything commendable, be it big or small can be awarded with a badge, and immediately shared with anyone. Grandma can check in on her granddaughter’s progress in school or sports, and even give her a little virtual high five and leave words of encouragement! Best of all, this site is 100% FREE to use!!

My parents may live 2,000 miles away, but we are now able to share Miles’s every accomplishment along with them. He loves finding out that Grandpa gave him a high five for cleaning his room!

With a collection of 122 different badges to choose from, there are ways for your child to earn badges every day! Simply choose the badge that fits the commendable action and enter how the child earned the badge when awarding it so friends and family get the inside scoop! And it isn’t just for toddlers like my son! Commendable Kids helps parents and kids from birth to “ready to face the world” in learning skills and reaching milestones and in tracking and sharing their accomplishments along the way.

For those children who need something more than a virtual badge, each and every badge can be printed into a paper certificate as well! Customize the color and wording and print it out for an award that is also tangible!

I can’t say enough about this great site. It is easy to use, easy to share with friends and family through email, facebook or twitter, and my son is just so darned proud of his badges. He even likes to look at all of the badges to see what he could earn! He keeps telling me he needs the baseball badge, so I guess we need to get him onto a tee-ball team so he can earn it!