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As a first time mom, I had NO idea what I was doing—I had literally never even changed a diaper before! Luckily, my husband, who has many nieces and nephews, was an old pro and showed me the ropes, but I always say my poor son was my “trial and error” child. We tried many, many soothing and parenting techniques with him—some failed and some worked, but the good news is he seemed to turn out just fine! 

When my second child came along, I was much more relaxed and prepared. I felt like a pro and parenting came much more naturally to me. It didn’t hurt that I had some tried-and-true tricks up my sleeve. And now I’m going to share those tricks with you! They have made parenting easier for me, so I hope you find some of these to be helpful!

8 Parenting Tips that I Wish I Would Have Known with My First Child:

1. Babies Cry and That’s OK:  With my first child, I would freak out over every little cry and was WAY too stressed out over every little thing. I came to realize over time that crying is just a natural part of an infant’s life—it’s how they communicate, so it’s important to expect a good amount of crying in your infant’s day.

2. Sleep is a Tricky Business: Not only is it tricky, but sleep patterns are always changing, which makes it even more interesting. Before having kids, I thought the term, “sleeping like a baby” really meant what it said. I quickly realized that whoever came up with that term clearly didn’t have children! Babies need quite a bit of soothing and comfort to fall asleep. I also didn’t realize that parents need to be well-informed on how to get a baby to sleep and how to keep them on a healthy sleep schedule. With my second child, I was a pro at this, and as a result, I have a much better sleeper this time.

3. Your Baby Won’t Break:  With my first-born, I was so afraid to hurt him or that he would hurt himself. When he started walking, I literally followed him all over the house because I was afraid he would hurt himself! My dad gave me a nice piece of advice that stuck with me: He said, “remember, babies don’t have far to fall, so it’s ok if they do.”  I have carried that with me and now with my second child, I am much more relaxed about her taking a stumble. 

4. Don’t Rush to Your Baby Every Time You Hear Her Fuss. This applies to the middle of the day and at night. It’s important to know the difference between fussing and bawling. Letting your child express frustration is natural and can even lead to developmental growth. Plus, it always helps to teach your child to have a little bit of patience!

5. Parenting is HARD: I wish someone would have just told me so I could prepare. I would often hear about how wonderful parenting is and I never heard anything about the hard parts. The hard parts totally took me by surprise and I was blindsided. The second time around has been much easier because I know what to expect!

6. The Double Diaper is your Best Friend: People always laugh at me when they see me put two diapers on my baby, but we rarely have diaper blowouts in public or accidents in the middle of the night! This tip was passed onto me by my mother-in-law and I am forever grateful! 

7. It’s OK to Leave your Baby: Too much of anything can be hard on anyone. Don’t be afraid to hire a trusted sitter so you can go to lunch with a friend or out on a date with your husband. Not only will you get some much-needed “me” time, it will help your baby trust another caretaker. Both things are very healthy for mom and baby! 

8.  A Baby Carrier Can Be Your Best Friend: I quickly learned with my first child that my son wanted to be carried EVERYWHERE. My back was killing me and I was just exhausted at the end of everyday. Then a friend gave me an Ergo Baby Carrier and it changed my life! Carrying him in the Ergo was the best thing ever—he was completely content, my back didn’t hurt carrying him in it, and I had two free hands to do housework! A baby carrier is a MUST!


As an experienced and savvy mom, I’ve learned to juggle multiple things at once, and do it well!

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