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Like most iPhone users out there, I am slightly attached to my phone- okay, maybe A LOT attached to my iPhone. But in actuality it makes a lot of sense why one would be. It’s my camera, my GPS, my weather forecaster, my coupon/deal finder and so much more- really, the options are kind of endless. But what it isn’t, is my wallet–That is where the Q Card Case by CM4 comes in. You see this little case has become a lifesaver!

The Q Card Case by CM4, created for the on-the-go lifestyles, is a soft-touch rubber and fabric pocket case for the iPhone 4/4S with an integrated wallet for credit cards, IDs and cash. The product incorporates several functional innovations, such as the lay-flat Screen Guard to keep the iPhone’s screen protected; an exclusive patent-pending design that fuses a fabric pocket to a slim iPhone case; ad Natural Throw buttons, which preserve the iPhone’s tactile feel and response. With enough space to carry up to three cards- as well as cash- the Q Card Case lightens pockets and provides a modern solution for a sleek iPhone case.

There have been so many times I needed to head to my son’s baseball practice and grocery store without needing to carry my whole purse, but as a woman many of you know that wallets just won’t fit in our jeans. With the Q Card Case I have had absolutely no problem putting my debit card and driver’s license in the case, putting it in my pocket and running to do whatever I need to do- Yes, even with skinny jeans on! The Q Card Case also makes life so much easier when carrying a clutch purse when going out for the evening as all you really need to do is carry your phone and your favorite lip gloss!

The Q Card case comes in four attractive colors and can be purchased at: www.

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I received this product to review, but all opinions are my own.