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As families are spending more time in their car, luxury details like style and comfort that once was overlooked has now become a priority. Parents are now searching for the safest, most comfortable and stylish car seat for their little ones, car seats that can match their child’s unique personality.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a Clek car seat, not only was it the only car seat I have ever seen that I could categorize as stylish, but its modern look was sleek and not as bulky as most car seat’s on the market. It left me intrigued and wanting to learn more.

When I was offered the opportunity to drive the 2014 Toyota Sienna for three months, I knew this would be the perfect time to test out both the Clek Foonf convertible car seat for my toddler and the Clek Oobr booster seat for my seven year old.


When the car seats arrived I was anxious to get the car seats installed. After a quick read through with their very in-depth instruction manual, I was able to adjust the straps on the Foonf easily to fit my toddler. The only thing I had a difficult time adjusting was the crotch strap adjustment, for some reason I couldn’t figure out how to adjust it but with a simple YouTube search, I found some videos Clek made showing you how to adjust their straps and I was able to figure it out.

I will warn you, the Clek car seats are not light. In fact, they are heavier than any other car seat we have ever owned. However, coming from a mom who is crazy about the safety of her children, it makes me feel very comfortable knowing if we were to ever get into a bad accident, these seats will protect my children. They are solid! Probably one of my favorite things about the car seat, actually.


The Clek car seats and booster seats are in a category of their own. I have honestly never used any car seats like these before. So what makes them so special? Let’s break it down.

The Foonf.


The Foonf offers best-in-class safety features:

  • Extended Rear-Facing Installation: Foonf was designed to international best practices for extended rear-facing use, which is to accommodate children in a rear-facing installation until their 4th birthday.
  • Rigid Sub-Structure: Foonf is reinforced by a steel and magnesium sub-structure.
  • Structural Headrest with Deep Side Wings: Energy-absorbing foam-lined Headrest connected to frame using steel rods provides maximum head protection in a side-impact collision.
  • Energy-Absorbing Foam Layers: Foam layers on both the inside and outside of the frame protect your child by absorbing energy in a side-impact collision, resulting in less force directly upon your child.
  • Anti-Rebound Bar: In Rear-Facing mode, Foonf’s Anti-Rebound bar improves stability by limiting rotation of the child seat, helping protect your child’s head from impact in the case of a collision.

The Foonf also has The Revolutionary REACT™ Safety System which reduces the forces transmitted to your forward-facing child in a frontal collision.


In keeping with the American Academy of Pediatrics advice to keep toddlers in Rear-Facing car seats until age 2 (or until they reach the maximum height and weight for their seat), Clek sought out to design a child seat that reduces the forces on older children in car seats when they transition forward-facing.

The REACT™ Safety System integrated into every Foonf child seat protects your child much like the crumple zones in the cars we drive — one of the most effective innovations in automotive safety.

In a collision, the vehicle comes to an abrupt stop, but the child continues to move at the same speed. The less time that it takes for the child to come to a complete stop, the higher the forces exerted on the child. The REACT Safety System allows that sudden change in momentum to happen over a longer period of time through a series of controlled events. Foonf is designed to ride down the collision crumpling the aluminum honeycomb and absorbing energy from the collision resulting in less force transferred to the child. See how Foonf performs.

Foonf also boasts a narrow width — under 17 in. (43 cm) at its widest point and 13 in. (33 cm) at the base — making 3-across seating possible.


This is a huge bonus in my book as most car seats are too bulky to fit three across comfortably.

Here are my Pros and Cons of the Foonf Convertible Child Seat.


  • Narrow in size
  • Top safety rated
  • REACT Safety System
  • Easy Installation
  • Modern Design


  • Crotch strap is too close to the child’s crotch for a comfortable fit. I would personally want it a little further out.



oobr_comfortThe Oobr is Clek’s fullback booster seat built just like the seat in your car but sized for your child. Its metal sub-structure and unique recline feature bring new “firsts” to booster seating.

Oobr offers safety features that are simply elemental:

  • Structural Headrest with Deep Side Wings: Connects to the magnesium frame using steel rods to reduce twisting movements and improve head protection in a collision.
  • Magnesium Back Frame: Better contains the torso during a side impact collision and protects against vehicle intrusion.
  • Rigid LATCH System: Locks the booster seat into place using your vehicle’s LATCH anchorage system to provide additional booster seat stability in a collision.
  • Belt Guides: Improves belt positioning on your child’s hips and shoulders.
  • Energy-Absorbing Foam Layer: Absorbs energy in a side impact collision resulting in less force transferred directly to your child.

Oobr Safety Highlights

  • Raises your child 4 in./10 cm to improve in-vehicle shoulder belt fit
  • Better positions the seat belt on the child’s hips to improve safety
  • Locks into place to provide additional booster seat stability in a collision
  • Confirms that latches are locked with an audible “click”
  • Provides a secure connection even when booster seat is not occupied
  • Meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Rated a “Best-Bet” for four consecutive years by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

My only real problem with the Oobr is the fact that we can’t use it in my car. While driving the 2014 Toyota Sienna we had no issues using the booster seat. Once we transfered the booster seat into my 2014 Ford Fusion Energi, my son could no longer buckle his seat belt. The seat of the Oobr is too wide for the back seat and sits on the buckle of the seat belt, not allowing us to snap it in. Huge bummer as we are seriously in love with this booster seat. Hopefully once we have some time, we can figure out a way to use the booster seat in our car.

Here are my Pros and Cons of the Oobr Booster Seat.


  • Child sits in a better position
  • Comfortable for a child
  • Top safety rated
  • Latch system
  • Modern Design


  • Not narrow enough for our back seat

As you can see, with both the Foonf and the Oobr, the pros far outweigh the cons. I have recommended this car seat to a lot of my friends and family because I truly believe in these car seats.

These amazing car seats do come with a price tag. The Foonf will run you around $449.99 and the Oobr will run you around $299.99. Because Clek car seats are manufactured in North America, we believe this affects the cost slightly. It does cost a little more to do business in North America but they think it’s worth it and we agree 100%. Not only are they supporting businesses here (most of their suppliers are also North American based), they are also closer to the process to better ensure the high quality you expect from a Clek product.

Clek also has a recycling program!

They keep the environment at the forefront of the decisions theymake daily. Theybelieve that as producers they should be responsible for everything theye make and put into this world. It starts with they design process, on to the selection of the materials they use, all the way through making sure the product materials and components are all recyclable or reusable.

Clek has formed strategic partnerships in both Canada and the United States to manage the disassembly and recycling or reintroduction of the plastic, metal, foam and fabric components into other products. You can learn how to recycle your Clek seat HERE.

For more information on Clek, please visit their website at:



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*I received both the foonf and Oobr to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.