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I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for WaterWipes. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.Cleaning Baby Safely with Water Wipes

Babies are so precious, aren’t they? Their smooth buttery skin is so sensitive when you first bring them into this world, so choosing products that are made to care for your baby’s skin without using chemicals that can bother them is a smart move. My kids all have very sensitive skin in general, but when they first come home they are prone to eczema breakouts and diaper rashes when we use certain types of diapers, wipes and laundry detergents. Finding those products that are perfect for my baby’s skin is very important to me.

Thankfully, European wipe brand Water Wipes has hopped the Atlantic to bring chemical free baby cleaning to the USA.

Water Wipes are safe for baby

We have been very impressed with Water Wipes! Made with 99.9% water (the rest is a grapefruit seed extract), it is completely safe and chemical free but it also works just as hard as the chemical filled wipes! No need to buy the others when something so pure works so well, right?

Using water wipes on my sensitive eczema prone little one calms my nerves about the possibility of him breaking out due to a chemical reaction. It’s happened all too often with him and it was great to not worry about his skin with the Water Wipes!

There’s also no fragrance, meaning no reactions to that AND no overpowering scent. Just plain clean baby.

Water Wipes

They come in convenient ready to use packs you can keep in your home or car and throw into your diaper bag for on the go changes and clean ups!

Water Wipes are also surprisingly strong! I tried stretching them to see if they would break or become too thin to use but they stayed strong and thick! This is SO important to me, since we use them to clean big sticky messes, stubborn diaper messes and the kids and baby are usually fighting me or kicking and moving when I’m wiping them. I don’t want a handful of poop due to a wipe that can’t hold up to the rodeo that is diaper changes!

Water Wipes are super strong!

You can find Water Wipes at Babies R Us! They are making their debut currently in stores around the country from now till July. For a limited time, Water Wipes are only $6 for two packages (normally $3.99 each)!

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