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Monthly subscription boxes are becoming all the rage!

The convenience of receiving a box every month of items you might never have heard of or thought to buy is so fun! It’s like Christmas every day.
Citrus Lane LogoCitrus Lane 2

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription service for kids that sends all the most modern must haves. They take your child’s age (from birth to 5) and tailor a box to fit what they would want/need and boy do they get it right! When our box came for my newborn, I was overjoyed to find not only a few products I had wanted to buy already, but also products I hadn’t heard of and I’m now obsessed with!

 Citrus Lane Box Example Citrus Lane Box Example 2

Our Citrus Lane box came with:
a Boon Odd Duck ($6.99 retail)
Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water ($12.49 retail)
Green Tones Wooden Elephant Shaker ($13.99 retail)
Innobaby Teether Rattle (5.99 retail)Citrus LaneI had been in the market for Gripe water for my fussy baby, so I was oh so excited to recieve that!!  Theo is still a little young to play with the toys just yet, but I was in LOVE with the Elephant shaker-how adorable is that?! The Teether/Rattle looks like it will massage his gums when he bites it while being very easy for a little hand to hold, can’t wait to try it out. As always, Boon has a fun modern toy here. The Odd Duck is a great starter for bath time toys! I totaled up what these toys WOULD have cost had I bought them separately, and I was shocked that it was $39.46 worth of products!

Update: Theo was a little young at the time to use the toys in the box, but he’s been using the Innobaby Teether and Green Tones Shaker like crazy now and loves them!
Citrus Lane-How It Works

It’s a really great concept, really! When you sign up, you choose how long you want your subscription to be (plans as low as $19 per month), give them your child’s age, and then you start receiving a box each month with products that are perfect for your child! What a great way to find new products you never would have heard of otherwise, and an easy way to expand your little one’s toy collection easily!

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*I was given one Citrus Lane box for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.