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It’s the time of year that we tend to snap more pictures than normal. Our families are dressed up for parties and services, special jammies are worn and there are tree farms a plenty. It’s so fun to share these photos on social media and to help create holiday cards that you send to friends and family and we’ve got some great ideas for some simple photo sessions you can do with your own kids easily!

TREE TRIMMINGChristmas ornaments on the treeCapture the magic of the season  by turning the lights down low and letting the lights from the tree create a warm glow and snap away as your kids place the ornaments onto the tree.

HOLIDAY JAMMIESChristmas Pajamas PhotosI. LOVE. CHRISTMAS JAMMIES! Seriously. I can’t get enough of them! Pair them with cozy beanies, some suspenders and a winter blanket and you’ve got picture gold!

SNOW GLOBESAdorable Christmas Picture IdeaThis is a genius prop that also doubles as a distraction! Bring along a snow globe when you’re snapping some photos and when your little one loses interest, hand them a snow globe and capture their initial reaction. Pure magic!

LITTLE LUMBERJACKSAdorable Lumberjack Photoshoot

It’s the buffalo plaid time of year and if you pair it with some wood accents and a toy axe, you’ve got the cutest little lumberjack photo-perfect for a holiday card!


Take the popular Instagram hashtag up a notch with your favorite holiday mug and a little Santa hat on your kiddo! These photos never get old, they make me giggle every time!


Taking photos with your newborn and Christmas lights is widely used, but the simplest way to do it is to lay them in front of the tree enough to focus on them with the lights far enough behind to be part of the background.

UNDERNEATH THE TREEUnder the Christmas Tree Photo

Take a photo of the only gifts you need under the tree! Have your kids lay under the tree, turn on the lights and snap away looking down from above. It’s a fun perspective that’s a little different and oh so cute!


Grab a tiny Christmas tree and tie it to the top of your little one’s Cozy Coupe for the most adorable picture! This make for a super cute Christmas card, we’ll be framing it to add to our Christmas decor as well!

Buddy the Elf Photoshoot

Elf, Rudolph and Santa themed jammies are all over the place! Take advantage and stage a themed costume session. We love the movie Elf more than I’d like to admit, so when my 5 year old asked for a Buddy costume, I happily made one for him so that we could have way too much fun with maple syrup and to make everyone at the mall smile._Buddy the Elf Costume


There are so many amazing ways you can capture the magic of the season, and no matter how you do it, the memories are priceless!

Merry Christmas!