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As my kids grow older, I am seeing the benefits of having chores as a part of our daily routine. Even simple tasks to help in the everyday family life help to not only keep the home running smooth but it also teaches the kids to be proud of their space and their work. The structure and the responsibility keep my kids grounded and me sane knowing that they are learning the tools they need to care for themselves later on in life.

A full dishwasher - ready to go. It is all loaded up with dirty dishes.
A full dishwasher – ready to go. It is all loaded up with dirty dishes.

Chores can start young! Have them help you with simple tasks when they are toddlers and slowly work them up to the full on house work. Here’s a great breakdown of chores your younger child can do as they grow:

18-24 Months

Pick Up Toys
Put Dirty Clothes In The Hamper
Wipe Baseboards
Dust With Socks On Their Hands
Bring You Diapers & Wipes
Wipe Spills
Help Alongside You With Simple Chores Like Watering Plants, Putting Away Dishes, Getting Dressed etc.

2-3 Years

Set The Table
Sweep The Floor
Make Their Bed
Help Moving Clothes From Washer To Dryer
Sort Laundry By Color

4-6 Years

Clear The Table
Put Away Laundry
Put Away Dishes
Clean Bathroom
Help With Dinner Prep
Light Vaccuming
Set Table

7-10 Years

Mop Floor
Make Small Meals
Fold Laundry
Get The Mail
Empty The Bathroom Garbage
Take Out The Trash
Put Away Groceries
Walk The Dog

Each age group can still help with any of the tasks from the younger age groups. Obviously, each child will have their own challenges and strengths, so work with them to find the chores that will best suit them (and you!).

DIY Pallet Chore System 9We use this Pallet Chore System with each chore on a stick for the kids to see and be reminded for themselves.

I hope this helps you to find ways for your little one to start helping little by little around the house & add a little responsibility into their routine!