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This Fall has been full of many mini milestones in our family—and we love celebrating Family Mini Milestones! We’ve had birthdays, braces, first dances, learning to do cartwheels, riding a scooter and so much more. Don’t you love soaking up those mini milestones, such as a soccer goal, with going out for ice cream afterwards? In my opinion, any excuse for ice cream is a good one! That’s why I love mini milestones!

We’ve also had some bigger milestones in our family this Fall. My teenage daughter’s first year of high school started this fall—Eek! My preschool son solidly began being able to read and spell his entire name (first, middle and last)! Where is the time going?

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Through celebrating the milestones of our family, my teenage daughter, Brid, and I have found ourselves laughing, smiling, and tearing up through episodes of Parenthood on Netflix. We’ve been streaming Parenthood every single way you can imagine—through XBox 360, Wii, iPad, Smart TV, and even just on the computer. And…OK…we might have become a little bit obsessed. Because, yes, we did finish every season available on Netflix. 


The thing Brid and I love about watching Parenthood is that there are many different types of families in this one family. That’s a lot like our family! I am a single mom to my two children; just like there is a single mom to a daughter and son on the show. Family life is not sugar coated. Every day milestones happen on Parenthood, just like they happen at our house!

Parenthood isn’t a show you can watch with younger children, but it is appropriate to enjoy with your high-schoolers. One of the reasons I feel that Brid and I both enjoy the show so much is because there are characters and situations that seem realistic. The show leaves you wanting to watch “just one more episode”.

With my preschooler, we often use Netflix movies as a reward. This Fall, he was very excited to watch The Croods on Netflix. I was skeptical at first, because I lean toward more educational movies for Christopher. But he had seen the cover on Netflix and was anxious to watch it. So, I set a mini milestone with him! When Christopher read 5 books, he was able to watch the movie The Croods as a reward.


To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the movie almost as much as Christopher did! There are some really adorable parts and even a part that choked me up a little bit (I won’t give it away). So, although I love ice cream as a reward, enjoying snuggling up and watching a movie together with my preschooler was definitely a great way to celebrate a mini milestone.