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cascade party

After I put Cascade to the test last month I couldn’t stop bragging about their Cascade Platinum detergent pods. I raved to my girlfriends that I no longer had to pre-rinse my dishes and that Cascade Platinum worked with even the harder dishes like dried pasta and mac and cheese. After hearing how most were skeptical I offered to host a fun mimosa brunch at one of their homes to show them just how well Cascade Platinum works.

Cascade Platinum actually works best when your dishes are not pre-rinsed. When food soil is left on the dishes, its special enzymes latch onto that food, breaking it down so it can wash away. If there’s no food soil, there’s nothing for the enzymes to attach to and your detergent isn’t working its hardest for you.

For our Mimosa Brunch party I made some yummy dishes including this delicious french toast bake.


I also had a variety of different ingredients for the girls to make their own mimosas! This was a huge hit and the girls loved it!


I love throwing fun themed parties with my girlfriends. It’s a great way for us to leave the mommy duties behind and enjoy some fun time as an adult. However, I loathe cleanup. LOATHE! If I could hire someone to clean up after me, I would do it. One of the worst parts about clean-up is washing the dishes after all these yummy desserts and appetizers are devoured. With Casccade Platinum I actually didn’t mind the clean up mode as washing my dishes afterwards was completely simple since I got to skip the pre-wash and literally just loaded the dishes straight from the table into the dishwasher.


Have you ever had orange juice with pulp, finished the glass and just let it sit out for a day or two? I have. The pulp gets stuck in the glass and it takes forever to get off unless you let it soak for a couple hours. Well, you’ll be happy to know that Cascade Platinum will completely clean the glass and leave it sparkling without all the scrubbing fuss! In fact, after we ate I let the dishes just sit on the table for an hour while we all chatted and then put them in the dishwasher. When they came out my friends were completely shocked and couldn’t believe how clean the dishes looked. They looked brand new and better than before!


I supplied my friends with some Cascade Platinum of their own to take home and try and the phone calls I received after were just confirmation that this stuff rocks!

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