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Holy cow—summer flew by this year, didn’t it? I feel like I was just writing about July 4 parties and tips for staying safe in the sun. And here we are, already sending kiddos off to school and unpacking sweaters for fall. But don’t rush the end of the season quite yet.

Even though the kids are back to school, summer is still here until after Labor Day. In my family, we always had three big picnics every summer: Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day. Each was a unique celebration of summer, but the Labor Day bash was always extra special because it was the last big hurrah before the school year started (In Michigan, where I’m from, school doesn’t start until AFTER Labor Day).

Now that I have my own family, I plan to continue the Labor Day tradition with a potluck picnic for family and friends. Here’s how we’ll make it a party to remember!

The Kiddy Bash: Your kids may be feeling slightly depressed about now if they are getting ready to go back to school or have been there for a week or two. Give them a super-special last blast of summer with water balloon games, a sprinkler and squirt guns.

Fun Food: Kids love anything on a stick! Make some tropical dessert kabobs with pound cake, strawberries, pineapple and marshmallows. Want to put a special twist on your standard hot dogs? Whip up some corn dogs! Make these beforehand and heat them on the grill before serving. To continue your food-on-a-stick theme with a little healthier twist, serve a skewer with tomatoes, olives and cheese tortellini.

Sno-Cones! I was recently at a party where the hosts rented a Sno-Cone machine! It simply turns ice into slush and then you squirt your favorite flavor in (grape for me!). The kids went bonkers for it … and so did the adults!

The Adult Soiree: Rather than just burgers and corn on the cob, I’m going to go with an Italian barbecue theme this year. The burgers will be “caprese” burgers, topped with tomato, fresh mozzerella and fresh basil. The side will be pesto pasta salad, and dessert will be a towering tiramisu!

The Adult Beverages: Remember that Sno-Cone machine? Flavored syrup isn’t the only thing you can dump over that slushy ice for a tasty treat. I like a more adult beverage in my Sno-Cone. Bacardi Classic Cocktails Light Pina Colada is my favorite flavored “Sno-Cone,” but I also like the Mojito flavor! Although these drinks are great on their own, when poured over cold, slushy ice, they can’t be beat!

Fireworks Fun: End your bash with a few sparklers and leftover fireworks from July 4. Who says they all have to be set off one day of the year? I think the end of summer is the perfect time for some pyrotechnics!  



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