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Mother’s Day is coming, and don’t you think that you deserve a night out with your best mom friends for a little Mom’s Night Out?! Spoil yourselves! Go out for a little dinner, maybe some bowling and don’t forget to hit up the tattoo parlor and jail bafore the night is over…

Seems a little extreme?

Maybe even comedic?

Yeah. My mom’s nights out definitely don’t go like that, but wouldn’t that be a hoot to watch happen? Moms Night Out Movie PosterIn the new movie Moms’ Night Out, three moms get WAY more than they bargained for when they decide to have a night out without the husbands & kids.

The movie centers arouns Allison, played by Sarah Drew (any Grey’s fans?!).  I really connect with Allison. She’s a mom blogger who just seems to be barely keeping her head above water between her kids, her messy house and helping everyone else in her life. She kind of loses it after a Mother’s Day gone wrong and she needs a night out, so she invites her best friend and the pastor’s wife (played so perfectly by Patricia Heaton!) for a night that might just be more chaotic than their households…

Moms Night Out Mothers Day

Moms Night Out Movie

The kids stay at home with the dads (one of whom is Sean Astin!) and a kidless longtime friend which of course opens up some hilarious scenes, one of which includes taking the kiddos to a Chuck E Cheese type of establishment and ends in a hospital visit…for a dad!Moms Night Out Dads

I went to go screen Moms’ Night Out with a girlfriend when I was in the middle of a very vulnerable time in my motherhood. My second baby was 5 months old, never sleeping, has reflux and food sensitivity issues, and my 4 year old just seemed to prey on the fact that I just was not all there. There were so many moments in this movie that not just made me really laugh (which I NEEDED) but also let me know that I was not alone in feeling like the chaos was taking over. A lot of the words that came out of Allison’s mouth had either come out of my own or had been in my head at some point and it felt good to hear someone else say them!!

My girlfriend and I laughed, we cried, we enjoyed every. last. minute of this movie. Moms’ Night Out is a comedy for everyone, but especially parents. My favorite thing? I can reccomend this comedy to my parents, grandparents, friends and family from all religious backgrounds and can even tell you it’s ok to take your kids (but really…go without the kids and enjoy a night away!) because this movie has no serious violence (maybe a carchase and some tasing), no bad words, no sexual content and has an AMAZING message that we all need to hear. I can’t say that about most of the comedies that come out anymore! And you know what? This is hands down one of my favorite new movies and it didn’t NEED any of that. The story and jokes are just that good.



Moms’ Night Out comes out May 9th (Mother’s Day Weekend!). We are getting a group of mommas together to go see it for our own moms’ night out- you should too! Don’t Miss this fun film when it comes out! Find it in a theater near you!



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