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Celebrate Family and Great Food Together

‘Tis the season to celebrate family and great food together! My family loves to gather around the table, enjoy a great meal, and play games after dinner. Sometimes it can be hard for families to know what to talk about at dinners. If you’re having trouble know where to start with conversations, start here with these 25+ Conversation Starters for around the Dinner Table.

Does your family have family traditions? Now that it is cold and snowy, on the weekends, my son loves to come cuddle up in my bed in the morning with me. After snuggling (and trying to get a little bit of extra sleep), we snuggle up and turn on Netflix. I have a Netflix part set up specifically for him–which is not only awesome for me as a mom to know that he is watching age appropriate shows, but he loves it as well! Christopher thinks it is great that he has his very own Netflix station! 

As a teacher, I like to make sure that Christopher is watching both fun and educational shows. We ditched cable long ago for Netflix, so I am very grateful that Netflix carries a lot of PBSKids shows, including Wild Kratts. Christopher is in love with Wald Kratts. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that we have watched each Wild Kratts episode available on Netflix at least 5 times. We’ve streamed them through the XBox, Wii, iPad… You name it the episode, I can probably recite it by heart!

wild kratts

I am looking forward to the month of December–To more great food, great movies, and more time with my family. We enjoy making ornaments and cookies together. Last year, we made adorable Oreo Cookie Snowmen. I was afraid they would be difficult, but they were fun and easy enough for the whole family to make while enjoying watching Christmas movies on Netflix!

Snowman Oreo