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All children seem to go through a phase where they love to drive cars, trucks and buses around. Why not spice things up a bit by making roads and street signs? They are super easy and will entertain your children for hours!

Let’s start with the street signs. You can find printable street signs all over the website. This site of traffic signs has a large variety! I simply printed street signs and used masking tape to put them on small blocks. Another option, if you don’t have small blocks, is to fold a piece of cardboard to stand up and tape it to that. That was easy enough, wasn’t it?

Moving on to the roads, gather these materials:

  • Black and yellow construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Contact paper (optional, but the roads will last a lot longer if you contact paper or laminate them)

Step 1:

Decide the width you want your road to be. I decided my width by using a car and making the road just over double it’s width. This ended up being about three inches. Cut roads of different shapes, some straight, some curved, and maybe even some that are a fork or T in the road! The key is that whatever width you make your road, keep it consistent! This way, the roads can be lined up end to end without any problems.

Step 2:

Cut the yellow construction paper into long strips and little snips to make straight and dotted lines (for passing and non passing zones).

Step 3:

Glue the yellow lines to the roads.

Step 4:

Laminate or use contact paper on the roads for extra durability.

If you’re looking for another simple DIY craft to help change up your child’s driving play, try DIY City Blocks. Start saving some cardboard boxes and get ready for some painting fun! Read the entire article about how to make them HERE.