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Candy free preschool valentine treatsI love DIY Valentines! They are so much more personable than the ones you buy from the store. So I decided I’d make Valentines for my 1st grade class and my son’s Preschool class. What I was really excited to do was to create a Preschool Valentine that is candy-free and something my son will love.

I came up with four different DIY candy-free preschool valentine ideas this year–two for matchbox cars and two for bubbles. 

For the bubble valentines, I found bubbles that are typically given out at weddings with little hearts on top–perfect for Valentine’s Day! You can find these bubbles at most craft stores. Then I created two printables that said:

  • You blow up my heart.
  • I am bubbling with excitement that you are my friend.

IMG_5445I simply used a glue stick to attach the paper to different colors of scrapbook paper. Then, using a heart-shaped hole punch, I punched two holes and attached the bubbles with red yarn.

For my son’s preschool valentines, he wanted to give out cars. We came up with two preschool valentine ideas where we could attach cars to them. What preschooler doesn’t love matchbox cars!?

Here are the two sayings for the car cards:

  • I wheelie like you!
  • You make my heart race!

Valentines Cards

I printed and glued the sayings to scrapbook paper. The trick this time was getting the cars to stick to the paper. The best kind of tape that works for this is packing tape! Don’t worry about fastening the cars too securely because the kids are just going to take the cars right off to play with them anyway!

The “I wheelie like you” cards were made into hearts:


I am happy to be sending in candy-free treats into classrooms this Valentine’s Day!

Candy free valentine day treats