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A few weeks ago I was searching the hashtag “#PumpkinPie” on Instagram to get myself ready for the Fall. My favorite season was coming and I wanted to get in the mood for sweaters, boots, and pumpkin everything! During my tasty search I saw a picture of a pumpkin pie candle. I gasped and immediately clicked on the image to see where this delightful candle came from. The image took me to a page for C.A Candle Company— a company I had never heard of before. Just 10 seconds on their Instagram account and I was obsessed.

Pumpkin Pie Wax melt

C.A Candle Company offers many scents that sound so appealing. Scents like Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Harvest Berry, Chardonnay, Blackbeard’s Rum, Rockin’ Red Velvet, I found myself immediately adding items to my cart and wanting to know more about this company. I am all about supporting small businesses. I often feel big companies don’t have the love and care for their products like a small business. With a small business not only do you get that love and care, but you are helping someone support their family and live out their dreams.

After talking with Angel, one of the owners, I found out more about this treasure of a small business:

At C.A Candle there is no factory, production line, big machinery, or a large staff. C.A Candle Company is made up of two soy candle makers who take great pride in their product and brand. C.A Candle makes sure each candle meets their high standards. C.A Candles are hand-made in beautiful downtown Benson, NC by Chris and Angel, owners and founders of C.A Candle Company LLC. Each C.A Candle is created through a lengthy process involving time, temperature, and climate control. C.A Candle’s main priority is making sure their customers receive a product that they will absolutely love. That is why every C.A Candle is “Hand Poured Perfection!”

C.A. Candle Company doesn’t just produce candles. Recently they added Soy Wax Melts in some of their popular and seasonal scents. Being that I was running low on some of my wax melts I decided to order one to try out. I was incredibly shocked when I learned they were only $4.00, so I decided to order two. Choosing the scents I wanted was harder than I imagined so I took to our Facebook fan page where I asked you all which two scents I should order. With all your help I decided on Pumpkin Pie and Harvest Berry.

When the soy wax melts arrived I immediately opened them up to see if they smelled as good as I had hoped. The Pumpkin Pie smelled exactly as I imagined. It’s like C.A Candle Company perfected the pumpkin pie smell.


I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the Harvest Berry. It was one of the top choices picked with our fans so I took a leap of faith and ordered it. Can I just say I am so glad I did? While this does not really get me excited for the Fall season, it gets me incredibly excited for Christmas! Harvest Berry is an explosion of cinnamon blended with fresh cranberries and hints of ginger, anise and clove. I can’t wait to melt this during the holidays.

Harvest Berry

I am so impressed with everything C.A Candle Company has to offer and I am so glad I randomly found them. I encourage you to try them out the next time you are in need of a candle or wax melt— you won’t be disappointed.

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* I personally purchased these items. We love them so much we just had to share!