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I know I’m not alone when I say that motherhood has seriously put a damper on my TV watching. That’s not a bad thing by any means, but boy do I seriously miss the nights where I would watch the newest episode of my favorite shows. I loved being on top of what was going on and couldn’t wait till the next week to see what would happen! Now, those “Shelfies” are currently sitting in my Netflix Stream List waiting for me to catch up.

What’s a Shelfie, you ask?

It’s those shows you want to watch, but just sit waiting for you to catch up. And as parents, the number of shows on our shelfie list seems to grow fast.

I am slowly working my way through my list, and little by little I am making my way through the shows I’ve missed out on finishing or keeping up to date on. A majority of the shows that got put aside are my guilty pleasures that just can’t be watched with the kids around, and once they’re in bed I am either working or going to bed myself. Three little boys is exhausting! Once or twice a week though, my husband and I set aside time to watch one of the shows on our shelfie list. We indulge in some popcorn, a cocktail and time just for us and our “No Kids Allowed” shows.

Here’s our current shelfie list:

DexterDexterThis is at the top of our list right now because we are hooked! We had started it years ago and never finished it up thanks to the gory nature of the show not being appropriate for our kids. What a fun show this is though! Dexter is a blood splatter analyst for the police by day, and kills bad guys at night! The dry humor and mystery surrounding the serial killer of other killers keeps us coming back for more over and over!


ScandalI’m in love with Olivia Pope, just like the rest of America. She is the ultimate fixer of scandals and always seems to have an answer or a contact for every problem. The twists and turns of this show are exciting and make you think, and the soundtrack of funky music makes my show watching that much more fun! I can’t help but dance a little each episode as Olivia fixes everything!

The Walking Dead

Walking DeadI NEVER would have imagined myself saying that one of my top three shows was a zombie show. I’m not into that sort of genre at all, yet when my husband sat down and turned on The Walking Dead’s first episode on Netflix to see what all the fuss was about we were immediately hooked. The story of these individuals surviving such a devastating event is captivating and I’m now so invested in their lives and love when we catch up when each season comes out on Netflix!

So do it. Watch your shelfies. Set aside a little bit of time and catch up on those shows that truly entertain you!

What’s on your Shelfie list? When do you get a chance to catch up on your shows with kids and life taking over?


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