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Ah, fall is finally here! Time to pack up the sundresses and shorts and pull out the sweaters and jeans.

Although buying a fall wardrobe for your tot is fun, it can also be expensive. Here are a few tips to keep the clothing budget under control this season!

  1. Hit up end-of-summer yard sales: Hands down, best deals on kids’ clothes are at yard sales. Don’t be surprised if you even find a few outfits that were never worn! And at this age, your child won’t know or care where you bought the clothes!
  2. Stalk the sales: You will be hard pressed to find a store that’s not having a some sort of back-to-school sale right now. Whether it’s at Baby Gap or Old Navy, there are new sales going on every week, plus extra coupons if you give your e-mail address. And don’t forget to look for cyber deals, too. Whatever you do, don’t pay full price!
  3. Hand-me-downs, anyone? Although you may not have an older sibling who can hand down clothes to your tot quite yet, I’ll bet you have friends who are done with their size 2Ts and looking to get rid of them! Gather several friends and arrange a clothing swap for the kiddos.
  4. Stretch summer into fall: My daughter has so many cute tops and dresses that she hasn’t outgrown yet, but won’t be warm enough for cool weather. So I decided to get creative. I’ve bought turtlenecks, long-sleeve tees and cardigan sweaters to take those adorable tops and dresses right into fall. The dress in the photo below was one of my summer favorites, and now, with a matching turtleneck and a pair of tights, it’s perfect for fall!
  5. Consignment stores: Do you have stores like Once Upon a Child in your area? Never checked? Look and see if there are any consignment or thrift stores—they can be great places to find barely worn kids’ clothing.