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When searching for a stroller that would be long term for my family I felt overwhelmed. I really needed a single stroller when I first had my son, but knew eventually we would need a double stroller once we expanded our family. So we bought a single when my first son was born and didn’t get pregnant soon enough after to worry about a double…or so we thought. My son was diagnosed with Autism, and even though he was three when we found out we were expecting our second baby and technically shouldn’t have needed a stroller, we were still in need of a stroller for him in busy places like the mall, fairs, farmers markets etc. He can’t cope with crowds or too much stimulation, and we end up dragging him if he walks. So I was off to look for a double stroller.

Britax BReady

When I came across the Britax B-Ready I knew I needed to try it. The B-Ready is a single stroller with the option to buy a second seat that attaches to make it a tandem double stroller! It is the perfect solution for growing families, and I had the pleasure of testing one out. Let me tell you. This is the stroller to buy!

Let me start by saying that between the years I spent nannying, having my own son and now reviewing strollers myself I have used a lot of strollers. Some of the best, most expensive strollers on the market. I am not exaggerating when I say that hands down my favorite stroller to date is the Britax B-Ready.  It pushes just as smooth as some of the competitors that cost double what this stroller costs, and there are tons of features I like BETTER on the B-Ready than on the much more expensive strollers.

B-Ready Color Options

Modern Look

The first thing you see on any stroller is how it looks. Yep, I know a lot of moms out there choose based on looks! This stroller’s sleek design makes it desirable and drool worthy! It is very modern looking, and is available in 7 different colors, making it customizable and all yours! I chose the red because I like the bold feeling of it and it’s my son’s favorite color! The Black and Slate options are very low key and less flashy if you aren’t looking for such a bold look.

Britax B-Ready


The B-Ready has so many available configurations with added accessories! With the provided stroller set, it has a removable seat with 4 recline positions, making it possible to have a forward facing seat, rear facing seat OR attach your Britax Car seat without any additional attachments! There are a few attachments you can buy to make it even more customizable! If you don’t own a Britax Car seat, never fear. I have a different car seat for my newborn, and so we got the attachment making it available to carry Chicco, Graco and Peg Perego car seats! There is also an attachment to put a second car seat onto the stroller chassis, below the upper seat (This attachment only works for Britax car seats)! You can purchase a second seat that attaches behind the main seat (this attachment is forward facing only). You can also buy a bassinet attachment or a stroller board for an older child to ride along while standing!

B-Ready Configurations


Stroller Fold

This is an important one, and one of the reasons I find the B-Ready better than the more expensive strollers…The B-Ready has a very simple fold that doesn’t require you to remove the seat first! Lots of other strollers with the reversible seat require you to remove the seat before folding the stroller, making it a two step process and takes up more space to store! The B-Ready can fold up with it’s seat intact AND you can fold it with two seat on it!!! Other similar strollers with the second seat attachment do not fold up with the second seat still attached, so this is a huge bonus that sets it apart from the competition! To fold the stroller as a single seat stroller, you simply pull the levers on either side of the handlebar and it folds into itself, locking with an automatic chassis lock. To open it up, you simply slide the chassis lock open and pull it open! Watch my video below to see how easy it really is!



Smooth Ride

One of the things I have always said to people who are not sure that they want to spend the money to buy a high end stroller is that the biggest plus side to owning one is the smooth ride. It is a HUGE difference to push a $100 stroller and then push a $1000 stroller. The B-Ready’s price falls right in between, and yet it pushes like the $1000 stroller. I can push it and turn it on most terrains with ease, and I can easily push it and turn it one handed, even as a double stroller (HUGE DEAL).

Britax B-Ready Front View

 Other great details of the B-Ready:

  • Foam-filled rubber tires-No re-filling with air or worrying about the upkeep
  • Large under seat storage accessible from all sides-Fits diaper bags and tons of blankets and snacks
  • Large canopy with sun-visor and ventilation window-keeps the sun out at any time of day
  • No re-thread, adjustable, five-point harness and head pad-easily grows with your child
  • Adjustable handle height with comfort grip- adjusts easy, and fits taller adults
  • One-step, linked parking brake with indicator-sandal friendly, too! Simply a push down with your foot to lock OR unlock
  • Included accessories: Adult Cup Holder-A must in my opinion…but not always included with other brands!

Britax B-Ready Rear Facing

There has really been only two negatives I’ve encountered with this stroller:

It’s heavy.  This seems to be something that is a negative with most Britax products. My feeling on that is it’s not a huge problem to me, but could be to others. I can still get it in and out of my car (both seats attached) with ease, even when I was pregnant. Some people look for a more lightweight stroller, and if you are one of those people than this stroller just isn’t for you.

It’s squeaky.  Not sure if this is a problem that all B-Readys encounter, but after only about a month of use, the wheels on my B-Ready were VERY squeaky. Nothing a little WD-40 won’t fix, but I did think it was a little fast for the wheels to start squeaking.

I can’t just tell you about this stroller, you have to see it all in action too!! Check out our video review below:

We absolutely love the B-Ready. I have recommended it to many friends, as well as inquiring minds who stop me when we are out and about with it! This is a great stroller to buy for one child or two, and is perfect for a growing family. No need to buy a single and then a double, the B-Ready is all you need long term!

*I received a B-Ready Stroller for review purposes, but all opinions are my own.