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Uh huh.

I said it.

I hope you didn’t misunderstand. You see, he’s not acting like a brat, he’s eating like a B.R.A.T.

A B.R.A.T. diet, that is.

Have you heard of it? Has your pediatrician let you know how beneficial this is?

Here’s what it is and why my son was eating it this weekend:

The B.R.A.T. diet consists of 4 ingredients:Brat diet ingredients





and that’s it! No other food if you can help it.

WHY would I feed only these four foods to my son?

Well, he has major diaper issues. He started with some issues on Friday, then woke up Saturday with the worst diaper rash I’ve EVER seen (and I’ve been a nanny for 8 years, remember!) and screaming, shaking and looking at me with eyes that said “fix this please!” My husband and I started using my go-to diaper rash regimen of ointments, airing it out and sits baths.

That’s not the underlying issue, though! He needs to get his poop in order!

So we do what we so everytime his intestines go on strike…we give him the B.R.A.T. diet for a few days. Each of the four ingredients is low in fiber and fat and helps to calm an upset tummy (so it’s perfect to use if they’re just plain sick, too!) and bind up that digestive system a little! Luckily, all four are foods my son and most other children love.

If you don’t want to go full throttle on this diet, just make sure to avoid acidic foods when your child has a rash and/or diarrhea. Things like oranges, tomatoes, onions, corn or pineapple can make it worse. Also, avoid raisins, milk & dairy, caffine and greasy fried food.

I hope the BRAT diet helps to make your little one feel better when their tummy or diaper is on the fritz! 
Now here’s Of Montreal from Yo Gabba Gabba’s Super Music Friends Show to help you get the idea:

***As with any diet change, make sure this is ok with your pediatrician. My advice does not take the place of your doctor’s.***